Floyd's Sketchbook

Hi, I’m Floyd, and I want to improve my artistic ability and confidence with ZBrush. I attempt busts and heads mostly as I work on understanding human form, but I’d like to explore full character design at some point. I come here on a regular basis to view all the wonderful art, so thank you for being such an inspiration, and for any advice offered. :smiley:







I’ve been sweating over this female anatomy study for a few days - dreading the face even more. More often than not I feel like I just get lucky with anatomy even though I use refference - gets frustrating. :mad:

Took a break with a fatty head last night.




Slowly but surely.


I’m not successful at making a good female. This looks good proportionally and subtle features for the face look good as well.

Hey Floyd!
Nice start , i like the guy with the mowhawk and the female torso best :wink:
Concerning the full body female - i think there are some proportional issues, the arms look too long to me, and possibly thighs and upperarms could have less volume, maybe even the whole leg itself is a bit too big
Hope it helps

remcv8: Thank you kindly. :wink:

schiefer: Hi! I noticed those issues and some others this morning - thank you for the crits. Tried to fix her up a little with those in mind.

I produced a nice base for a head so I had fun with that last night after doing more work on the female study. I feel that her legs are long still…?




Behold: Emperor Trunkhead! :lol:


Some eye practice. Must improve! :o

C&C welcome.


nice sculptng style:) :+1:

:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:nice work keep going…

one suggestion …u can take sculptures as ref ,those can be really helpful as it has big defined shapes.

Rodion: Thank you! Your sketchbook is awesome!

Adee: Good advice, thank you. :slight_smile:

More work on the female study today. Heavy re-work of the face and some body shapes. Tried to accentuate some of her curves as well.




thats good stuff floyd :bulb:small_orange_diamond:bulb:small_orange_diamond:bulb:small_orange_diamond:bulb:small_orange_diamond:bulb:

masterpiece: Thank you very much for the comment. :slight_smile:

I’ve not used the polish and planer brushes too much so I wanted to experiment after playing around with a few polyspheres. Came up with some interesting shapes!

Lil’ turnaround and one BPR render with shadows, AO, and a bit of Photoshop mess…




Had some fun with that study and made, to the best of my current ability, the Simbul for a friend of mine today. The Simbul is a favorite character of his from the Forgotten Realms universe.

Hope you like! :wink:


Hey Floyd! Good to see you on this forum too. Your sculpts keep improving with every update, keep it up man!

Hey Floyd, nice job with the model :slight_smile: its clear that ur improving through looking at ur sculpts. Just be a little more cautious of things like topology on the fingers and toes, and leg anatomy.
keep it up :slight_smile:

Excellent fashion.

Always liked a woman in sensible shoes.

:+1: :+1: :+1:

bludragon: Hey blu! Glad to see you here to! Loved your work on GA.org - you got a sketchbook here? Checked your site and was very impressed. :slight_smile:

jobo123: Thank you! I have a good deal of learning to do - I appreciate the pointers!

EricShawn: Ha! Thank you very much!

Oh snap it’s Finn - I love Adventure Time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I write the music for this show

AWESOME FINN, you need to make Jake and Marceline!

Casey i love that ‘baby song’ from the jiggler i sing it to my bunnies all the time, and Marceline’s eyeball song from henchmen.

easily my favorite show on tv.