Ferg's Sketchbook

Hey guys, long time lurker and fan, first time poster here (now that I have something worth showing :))

Been workin on this guy on and off for the last month, been through several iterations and failed ideas. My first polypaint model as well. Final renders are from max, bit of a rush job but I’m happy with how it came out.

I made him as an excersize in creating a generic boss monster type creature (though this is pure high poly, not game-res). Scary as hell but with a vulnerable spot that you’ve gotta nail with your bow and arrow or whatever to take him down (that would be the bulbous bits on his stomach).


and a couple random WIP shots…
-stomach variations
-early progress shot w/original head

thanks for lookin!



What up Ferg! Nice to see you here. Well done on your model. Cool design, nice paint/texture, nice render. Parhaps a sketchbook would be in order. Would be great to see more of your work.

great model, but i had some problems with entering this thread for the last 2 hours, lik i think the rest of ppl ;/

This definitely worth showing!
I like very much the design and the sculpt of the monster… and the render is awesome! (maybe a little words on this…)
Awesome work!

Much more Unique than the average mutant.
Great skin work, makes it much more convincing.

The bastards definately a mutant X_x.

I would remove the crease under the Man Mutant boobies,
It would remove the odd, hey that monster has ugly 80 year old lady boobies effect. Which I can say, ive never seen untill now. hehe.

Nice work! :+1:

i really like it ! good work

Killer! Love the head :):+1:

Smells like Top Row on 1st post!

Love it.

Can’t wait to see more.

This is one top row monster…great work and nice texture…total awesomeness!

Very Cool ferg
agree with A.Ceylan, SolidSnakexxx - great job and very cool idea

nice work ferg…:slight_smile:

First post? Gulp! Very interesting monster and wonderfully executed! Looking forward to more stuff from you! :+1:

Hey ferg, that’s an awesome concept and sculpt man! Glad you decided to post, it’s very 5 star-ish and very Top Row-ish… . :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: !

****, I totally lost track of this! Thanks for all the replies guys!

I’m planning on doing another texture pass soon, to break up the horns/skin similarities, among other things. I guess I’ll turn this into a sketchbook thread, here’s a random mess of quickie zbrush sketches from the past 6 months or so.

thanks for checkin it out!










new speedsculpt (hour and a half counts as speedy, right?)

plus a timelapse: [http://vimeo.com/8788809](http://vimeo.com/8788809)


speedy like little gonzalez. way good for 1 hr 1/2. looks great.
could be my favourite of your sculpts.

Hey holmes,

Lookin sexy, but rough, like the devil! Always cool to see your Z sculpts…

thanks fattkid & tintop :slight_smile:

long time no update, here’s some recent sketches…






awesomely creative stuff here!