Ferg's Sketchbook

for hour & half sculpt it is really gr8 … mindblooooing love ur concept tooo…

those are really original - I love the green guy from the couple of posts back and the first one in the new batch.

really nice concepts i really enjoy the way you sculpt :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

First post, awesome!!








Great work, lovely designs.

wow…love all sculpts

great work! love your style :slight_smile:

Amazing sculpts man. I love your work.

Great thread here! I especially like your more recent work. watched!

Wonderful thread! love your style!

I would like to see more of this girl.
Well done!
Your art is awesome!

I LOVE the Bugeyes model. Fantastic work!

Great stuff.


sweet thread! nice and creative sketches in here. I like skullface the most.

love all the busts dude, great work!

your concepts are amazing. not to mention your skill with a wacom pen.

lovely sculpts. the polypainting is very nice too. do you start from a sphere or a 2d concept?

nice work n cool hair style of that girl

great models i really like the way you sculpt :+1: :+1: :+1:

moonlitmaverick: these are all based off the same basemesh I made a while back, just a super simple ~100 triangle generic head/shoulder blob. Thinking it may be time to build a new one though, definitely getting thin on resolution in certain areas lately when the shapes start getting crazy.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

another one today… maybe polypaint tomorrow