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This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. I have a question though. In the video where you are transposing, how are you moving the mesh? I don’t see the normal transpose guides that I get (and find difficult to use:))

Are you using some strange process I know nothing about?

Hi Gordon!
This is just my video recording settings in Zbrush, that don’t show transposing guides, but I used Transpose Master as usual. No special trick here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the Making of article. It’s Bloody Brilliant. :sunglasses: :+1:

Though in your pedestal making video, I see you using the transpose tools to straighten and align slanted polygon edges. When I try to mimick this technique, the edges seem to inflate along their normals and cause a mess.

Is it possible for you to elaborate a bit on this process. Are you using Rotate, Size, or Move? Did you use the Deformation tab at all during the process? Please help. I’m daft with frustration. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ravioli_Rancher for your kind words!

Are are the steps to straighten a line of vertices:

  1. mask the line of vertices you want
  2. invert the mask.
  3. use the move tool
  4. start the guide on top of your vertices line
  5. drag and drop the transpose guide to the left or right with Shift pressed, to make the guide perpendicular to the vertices loop.
  6. Grab the extreme left (or right) circle and bring it back to the origin of the transpose guide, again with Shift pressed.

You can surely use Deformations/Flatten as well, but I find easier with Transpose since you don’t have to figure out which axis you need.
I hope it makes more sense now.


Thanks, man. Have a hang of it, now. :sunglasses: :+1: Wonderful new use of Z. Now to find a link to your Dominance War IV entry. :smiley:

Oh duh!:laughing: Thanks goldo_O :smiley: Your efforts are teaching all of us so much.

Thanks again.:+1:

Excellent! Thanks for this!

Seriously phenomenal work. I was amazed, and am SO grateful for those videos. They REALLY helped. I only recently learned the transpose tool and I’m still trying to get the hang of it, so yours was a real help!

great job love the concept of your hero

thats great!. painting on the model to get the perfect edge loops is a very good idea. i too like clean topology.

Captain Hornet was such a unique entry. Truly a great character!

very creative making ,thanks for sharing:D

Thanks for showing your workflow Adrien,
he still looks awesome :slight_smile:

Cool Character, very different from whats out their now, nice

it was a great sculpt. any tutriol regarding poasing a model if taht is not made up of using z sphere.

great work and perfect

That’s a great tutorial. Congrats again. Well deserved (I voted for you!)

thank you :slight_smile:

A HUGE CONGRATS to you Adrien!! This has been very helpful for guys like me to see. Seriously, just Spectacular stuff, I didn’t expect anything less from you!

Congrats again!

First of all…a huge congrats for you adrien…
this post was very informative & helpful…i learned alot from this :slight_smile:
You make it look so easy, really such a nice work & good job.