FAN ART Ellie from The last of us

This is a fan art, a study of Michael Knowland work on ellie’s character from The last of us game.
You probably have seen the original zbrush model here on zbrush central.
This is a likeness challenge I give myself after playing the game because I felt in love with the character right away.
I hope this study will not offend anyone.

This is a link to the original amazing work by Michael Knowland : http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?178789-The-Last-of-Us-Character-Sculpts-(-images-Pg-8-amp-Pg-12)






I like it a lot, especially the cloth tearing and wrinkles, and the backpack is awesome.

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:
I’m glad you liked it!

Little personal challenge I give myself.
I’ve never done posing in zbrush and I find it very tricky and hard to do so I decided to try and make a little turmtable with a posed character.
I started it on tuesday and finished it tonight.
It’s far from perfect (especially the pose) but I think it’s not too bad for a first try :slight_smile:

Big big thanks to João Jacinto who is amazing and accepted to let me use his rifle model for this render

Ilike it.

Amazing work buddy, really good one. Specially the girl’s facial characteristics and cloths.

Lookin good! :+1:

Thanks guys <3

Awesome work Marie! This would be a great 3dprint scene! :slight_smile:

She looks a bit like a slightly younger version of ellie, in a really good way! I like the little scene you made for her, very fitting :slight_smile:

I’m surprise you are saying this because quite a few people told me she looked older before!
Thanks a lot for you comment and i’m happy you liked it :)!

Great job. I love that game! Can´t remember that she had a hello kitty thing on her bag :smiley: anyway love it

Little update on the thread.
So I’m actually turning this zbrush sculpt into a game resolution model so let me show you guys where I am at it at the moment.

I’m in the texturing phase, no spec and gloss map yet
screenshot from Marmoset Toolbag


Hope you guys like it so far :slight_smile:

i really love the textures on this, and love the hair too :+1:

I think this looks pretty decent but I would spend more polys on the hair and spend a bit more time on her skin. The spec should really help but the face just needs more variation and color. If you’re using any screenshots of ellie from the game, it should be clear what i mean. Still, you are doing a pretty good fan art piece so should be nice in the end.

Looks really good, but… more freckles! :smiley:

Called it done last night :slight_smile:
she will be posed inside in Cryengine soon enough,
just waiting on the rigg

Hope you guys like it


just wanted to post the ‘‘real’’ final image :slight_smile:
Hope you guys like it!

She’s very well done! To me it always feels like an exercise , or a job application, when someone fanarts an existing model.
But there’s nothing wrong with that, and you probably just felt like it anyway. I’m just saying.
Good Job.

Awesome work Marie. Looks amazing with the different poses.