Faerie (WIP, tool and zscript; update 24/01/04)

I needed a good creativity work out, so I fired up ZB and got out my copy of Faeries to try my hand at an Alan Lee inspired model.

Here’s the head, with a body hopefully soon to follow. I started with a zsphere object of the sort Antropus used (you just need to bump up the Ires and Density from default to get this).

And here’s a zscript devoid of moral but that demonstrates a simple and practicable method for alligning and correcting your bits and bobs at the polymesh stage instead of the multimarker stage (the necessary tool is included in the zip; not the one shown here I’m afraid (that zscript is another story :rolleyes: ) but one earlier on in its development).

I’ve mentioned this method before but maybe this will be helpful to someone. I tried to add notes but the script kept collapsing ZBrush to the task bar, so you’ll just have to pay close attention :stuck_out_tongue: (please excuse the jitters and sluggish movement - I think my mouse is squeeking its last).

Faerie eyes in head_Notes_02.zip

Charming faerie. I shall try your script. Thank you.

Bonecradle: This is really great!! :+1: :+1:
And, you’ve mentioned Alan Lee so I guess you know Brian Froud already!? Just take a look at his “Goblin Companion” if you EVER run out of ideas for them fae’s!!

Hi Bone
Don’t miss my link :wink:

Thanks people.

Ze: aye, I know Froud :wink: I have to say, I wasn’t too keen on his work in Faeries but I have a book on The Dark Crystal that is fantastic (it was a Jim Henson puppet/animated film on which Froud did the design). The book was out of print for a while but has recently been re-released.

Pilou: thanks for the links, though the second one was not working. I have to gloat when I say that I still have all the original Tolkien calenders by the Hildebrandts shown on the site. I grew up with these on my wall, imagining away :slight_smile:

Classy features on your creation…extremely good modeling…excellent work in all ways… :+1: :+1: I believe you got what you were aiming for in this creature AND a :smiley: :smiley: bit of a Luc Picard Warp as a bonus :smiley:

I’ve managed to add notes to the zscript - it’s nothing much, but it was bugging me that I couldn’t get them to work. I’ve replaced the original with the version with notes.

Hi Bone
You right the second link don’t work actualy for mysterious reasons :frowning:
But it was existas prouve that :slight_smile:
Maybe a rebuild site!

Hi Bonecradle

thanks for posting this script and model…along with banana boy I have been trying to find a better way for eyes.
Along with the other scripts, yours is informative as well and its always fun to see how others work and the model is fun to play with as well.

thanks for the lesson and the time into it.

Ack, it has been slow going but I think I may almost be out of the woods.

I’m going to be cheap and use this head for a couple of projects that have been sidelined. This one will now be minus the ears and no longer a faerie.

I modelled the cowl in the same way as I did the head/eyes; using a polymesh with masking as a guide for the modelling (the crude body is just a stand in to work out the pose and get the shape of the cowl right).

Hmm, and after putting this up and seeing it in a different environment I have realised my problem with the folds. Back to it then.

I like it very much and thank you for sharing
it so far. I’ll be watching this thread with
great anticipation. It has been a while since
you posted! :wink:

I love the look on his face in this latest.

First let me say thank you for the script and the advice about positioning etc.
After awhile while working on problems,you forget things you were learning such as menu’s etc. Small stuff.
Offset was one of these.
Important question for me.Could a cowl such as this be created to surround a head made from a regular sphere and if so could you outline how it could be done.
With the contributions and sharing you have done so far, this is pushing it.
But that particular question relates very strongly to something I am working on.
Thank you very much for you generousity.

Bonecradle, I love this a lot, and meant to tell you this on the other thread (another way to do eyes).

But I have a question, which I consider simplistic for you. Or I hope so. I have not gotten into zsheres yet, and I am about to do so. I have something in mind that involves clothing, and so only the hand and a bit of upper arm would show. I figure it would be an easier way to start zsphere, because then I do not have to jump right in with the nitty gritty of the body details. Am I right on this? Or am I wrong?

Can I just put the 3dSphere head, positioned as done with the eyes, on top of the “body of clothing zspheres” and create the polymesh this way?

Still new to zsphere, so do not want my first attempt to be difficult with the details of the body. I want to work up to that.

Have some things I have to do, but will check in on this thread when I can.

As stated above BC, this is really a great piece of art.


wowzers - ingenious modelling! what an expression in the last one!!! kudos, bonecradle!

  • juandel

Bonecradle nice work and thx for some idea :wink:

Thanks for your comments - I’m glad people might find something useful here.

Rtyer and Kitty: please don’t be distracted by the tools I used. You can use this technique with ANY 3D objects, be it a primitive like the 3Dsphere, a skin of zspheres or even two polymeshes.

I’ll try and put together a zscript with a combination of different objects to demonstrate.

OK, here’s a zscript showing the working using some basic objects and hopefully covering any issues that might arise while doing this. Have fun :slight_smile:


Latest update. This was a test to see if all the pieces fit together well. All the modelling to make the pieces fit was done as per the zscripts in this thread (the one on this page is annotated and probably a better demonstration of the technique).

Despite trying to be careful with proportions, the hands are looking a bit small - nothing a bit of scaling won’t fix. The legs won’t be seen in great detail in the final pic so I haven’t wasted time on them and the render was done with low rays so it’s a bit shonky.

The hands are not small.
My opinion.
The only thing you need is a paint job
with wrinkles.
Thank you for the “uniform”,it indirectly lead to many hours of frustration and the compliment that it was a photograph.