Fabricio Torres - Doodles, Noodles and what not...

Wow, how long has it been since I posted anything in here? :open_mouth:

Anyways, I’m attempting to make a portfolio, but I can’t focus long enough on personal work to make it happen. Maybe if I start posting again and you guys hate my stuff I can get pissed and improve and do better. Or not. So here it goes the first model, based on a photo I’ve found online on a pinterest page:

The photographer is Noel Daganta. (This was NOT meant as a carbon copy, I just liked the picture and wanted to make a model off of it.).

Rendered (the best I could) in zBrush. I ain’t really good at this beauty render bizz… sigh

If you want humongously big images, get 'em here:

Also a little making-of-ish (zRemesher came out the day after I retopologized this by hand if you believe… sadness)




Looks fantastic! Love all the details in the anatomy and the clothing!

Nice! i really enjoy the face and the hair.

such an amazing sculpture :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: … toprow for me
i will be appreciated if you share your material with us

Very impressive, congratulations and thanks for sharing your work
I love the detail of the skin and hair

Very nice sculpt of a nicely sculpted figure! :+1:

Excellent work. Nice to see)

Wow, amazing!! the anatomy and the face and hair are incredible good work!!

Wow, really good work Fabricio!!

Tá animal meu!

Amazing! Hair look fantastic! And the anatomy work is incredibly realistic! A++ Love it!

Amazing details, wow

awesome! I love the hair.

Wow ! Speechless at the moment.!

Great anatomy study and all around stellar Piece Fabricio. The posing works great and it feels quite true to life. Nice handling of every part of the image, including the cloth for the pants.

Well done work Fabricio!

Fabricio, this is just perfect man! So perfect that I hate it. LoL! Congrats man, awesome stuff. :+1:

Awesome sculpts


!!!TOP ROW!!!:+1:

Love the muscle sculpting! This is a source of inspiration for me, kUDOS!