Eye - Lighting Challenge

Hi here is a piece I’ve been working on for a shading/lighting challenge over on cgtalk. I used zbrush’s awesome projection master and zapp-link to do all the texturing and some tweaks to the base mesh provided in the challenge. any C&C welcomed, Thanks…

Higher Rez VersioneyeFaceS.jpgicon1.jpg

Looks really great but the scalera fall oof to our left(eyeball white) seems to slice away?Apart from that Wow!!


Stunning work!


calum5ZB I think the shadowing on that part and the eye ball reflecting part of the nose does give it an odd appearance, Its bugged me as well.

Mr.Monster Thx’s :D!

Is that the reflection of the nose?

  • Nice work BTW!

thx’s! Yea that peach toned reflection in the eye is the outerlayer of the eye reflecting the nose. which is correct since our eye is reflective but seems to look odd for some reason. The funny thing I looked at tons of eye shots and no matter what kind of light condition you rarely ever see your nose reflected in your eye. ODD!!

Good work!
It seems to me that two things are at work. First, the eye is only absolutely smooth over the iris and pupil, so at that point any reflection is broken by tiny veins etc. Secondly, wouldn’t the depth of field that makes the corner of the eye out of focus also make the reflection fuzzy?

Thx’s marcus! That is some great advise, at one point I did have a slight bump on the outerlayer and but from the photo’s I looked at even close up shots you never see any bump on the eye. The only bump is inside the eye on the iris from the fibers but even then that bump is rare to notice in only certain kind of eye’s, so I just threw out the bump all together on the outerlayer. The DOF wouldn’t make it fuzzy since the eyeball is the center of focus. But that gave me an Idea maybe If I use blurry reflections on the outer area of the eye until it meets the iris it might look more natural!!!

Woah congratulations on the top row!Now the nose reflection had been mentioned I realise why it looks that way.My only thoughts on solving the issue would be in postwork as you can hide the nose from reflections or lower the opacity of the reflective material?Anyroad,just wanted to say well done and sorry for the rushed spelling errors on my other post here.

VERY nice eye!!

I just went thru some hell trying to get eyes to render well so this really strikes a chord in me.

Really fantastic!


Taron wrote a feature for messiah that actually renders out an eye procedurally as was Gollum’s eyes in LOTR.

calum5ZB - Thx’s, I already have a fresnel ramp on the eye for the reflection and with that it still shows up. I figure next go around on the eyes would to just to combine the fresnel ramp with a painted texture of some to control the reflection better.

Scott - :smiley: Thx’s man, I really dig your work! Yea rendering eyes and skin for that matter are very challenging to do.

crossbones - for this eye I actually combined a technique where its procedurally done with textures and then I bake that out and combine it with some photo reference and do some painting to tweak it.

I found this photo which is interesting because it clearly shows how the bulging cornea reflects like an inset sphere. The reflection of the nose can be clearly seen.

That eye is a perfect example, The eye is so complex from its subsurface scattering to the odd manner of refraction / reflection inside. I’ve just come to the conclusion from now on that anything outside of the bulging cornea reflects very minmal to none.

Nice Work Miguel!!!

Fantastic stuff! My only nit-pick is that the shadows look a little too harsh to me. I think that a person reflected in the eye would not go amiss either.
If you think about it, you can’t look into another’s eyes without seeing yourself.

Whoaaaa - deep.

:smiley: thx’s scott!!

WoodyLWG that is a true adding a person with a cam would have been a nice little detail to add. Yea the shadows from the lash’s are a bit harsh since I was forced to use depth map and not raytraced.


My only crit would be that for me anyways the eyeballs positions seems contrary to the way the nose and the rest of the face seem to be facing. but this is a close up and I really don’t know what the situation the person is in and what is drawing their attention. It just seems off I guess…to me…probably not to any of the sane folks out there.



aminuts - :smiley: I usually just look at it like this Iam sane and everyone else isn’t LOL. But as for position Iam not quit sure what you mean, are you talking about the fov of the camera or about the model position itself.