Experi-mental Sketchbook

A place to post my occasional ZBrush meanderings.
A little time to wander and experiment, to paddle in the sea of random accidents , to delve as once I was prone.

This one dedicated to Marcus Civis - creator of flowers.
I used his wonderful plugin Pixols To 3D to create it and look forward to playing with it more - much like a monkey on a typewriter.


Yours etc,


havent tried pixols 2 3d yet but i like it !!:+1: good too see from again Boozy !!

very very interesting

Thank you both :slight_smile:

Here’s a lighthearted pictorial hallucination emulating my old 2.5d work - here I am testing the same approach in a BPR environment.
I think you’ll find that my anatomical proportions are perfect :slight_smile:
Just like the old days - pass me a hanky someone.



Yours progressively retrospective,

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I absolutely love this latest one. The tree and the stroller are wonderful :slight_smile:

agree !! your works are a pleasant break from all the gore here !!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: i spend extra time looking over your art Mark !! more !! oh and (lighthearted pictorial hallucination emulating) i need too think about that !!:laughing:

this is great, love the “Perambulation” illustration! the tree on the left works perfect!

It’s pretty cool when I can look at a thumbnail and immediately say, “There’s one of Mark’s!” You have an extremely distinctive style, all the cooler for the fact that it always makes me smile. :slight_smile:

yes, me too saw the thumbnail and knew its boozy floozie :slight_smile: so great to see your work again, love it!

More wonderful preambulations of a Master. Pushing mainstream art into the frame within a work of incredible confidence and artistic ability. There’s no ducking that fact. Lead the way Mark!


I love your style! ( And yes, I would definitely buy an anatomy book from you. :smiley: )

Hi Mark, wonderful … vintage boozy in 3D, awesome! :lol: as always, anatomy is spot on!

Cheers, David

Lovely stuff as always, Mark, and I am deeply touched. :slight_smile:

You’ve cast the geriatric walker aside and then start using … a stroller ? :wink:

BPR renders or not, I still adore your style. Always uplifting to see your work amid the common themes of aliens, orcs and exquisitely detailed video game characters. Who am I kidding, I love them all !

It’s been most heartening to read such kind comments. Thank you all so much for taking the time out to reply.

There’s something liberating about exposing oneself in public after hiding in the bushes so long.

Yours elevated by kindly bubbles of positivity,


Boozy, Your work is so fresh and original. They are nice to look at! Thank You! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Ahh a phoenix raised again above the parade of objects. More delights please Mark.

Lexxx69 and Mr Ed The Mighty Atom, thank you both.

Below is my latest Boozy “old school new school” - using the BPR environment.

I present for your perusal this evening an aquatic tableau - a flirtatious dalliance twixt a bubbling octopus and a flighty Mermaid.
Nothing like a little showing off to the one’s we love :slight_smile:


thats a Boozy thumbnail yup i was right !! aaaah now thats a pipe dream :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:D

You have a great style!

Very nice work! :smiley: