Experi-mental Sketchbook

A magical garden awaits for me.
I am a mermaid beneath the sea.
But only in dreams which seem to plead,
For me to hold my breath for eternity.


Aurick The Flooze needs his own Permanent Top Row Spot. Work such as this should not be lost amongst the plethora of the ‘Norm’. The Flooze ceaselessly creates a magical world with each placement of the pixol. This is Art with a Capital A, in a lot of peoples opinion around here. Descriptions of surreal, refreshing, innovative, wonderful, emotive, thought engendering, a technique of the esoteric etc etc. ZBrush the true artists tool, and I THANK YOU for your engineering to allow the Flooze to present us with slices of artistic heaven.

That being said The Flooze may not want the above to happen, nor Zbrushcentral, so my apologies if I am out of line.:o

Any way, GO The Flooze… another deeply immersed vision of your talent and imagination :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I’d forgotten I need a Bannerman fix until I saw the thumbnail. Glad I looked in today and thanks for sharing.

Bunnies, Carrots and Bear Butt Plugs Oh my! It wouldn’t be a Boozy thread without Rabbit Ears on something. :slight_smile:

Great bubbles, they will meet the sunshine soon to enjoy it for a short time :wink:
Good to see your work again!

Thank you M’Hearties for such kindly feedback - poetry too from Mr Pride.
I feel wooed. It feels nice :slight_smile:

Many thanks all.

Love this last one, great job boozy :D:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Trippy man…like that rene laloux fantastic planet stuff…

Really good to see new work from you Boozy, I remeber seeing your works here on the forum back in 2006/2007 and was one of the reasons I took the plunge and purchased Zbrush 2.5 as it was then. Hope to see more soon! :+1:

Brilliant gallery and style, boozy floozie! :slight_smile:

Santis, tyrellcorp, shavedmonkey and nyxia - thank you most kindly.

Each full moon of December , the ghostly figure of the pale skater materializes - prancing and twirling on her rink of love.
I’ve seen her with my own eyes and so now have you.
Mood: Indigo.


Method: a sketch using appended shadow boxes.

Yours Floozily,

Thanks Mark. I have been patiently waiting for a new piece by you, and I have been rewarded with another gem. Wonderful as always.
Sublime in mastery: a moment from another world, another time. Whimsical yet so pertinent. A silent statement that encompasses itself, nothing can be added, nor subtracted. Whatever you’re smoking…I want some.


Mark, great as always. As I’ve said before, you can always tell a Floozie!

Ed you flatter me - promise me you’ll never stop?!! :slight_smile:
Thank you Sir.

Wordsmith, a Floozie that is easy to spot is rarely without company. My thanks for your kind recognition.
As the years pass I think how well I chose my monicker.

3d - form in space and such but creating a little feeling in space seems also appealing - doing that and making a viewer’s eyes wobble a little seems a worthy endeavor.

Of course it helps if it’s a feeling you can relate to.
In my case - strange women that smoke pipes and skate mournfully is a veritable turn on.

Message me in December if that sounds like you?!!

Yours Etc,

I created a new picture for the purpose of communicating a sense of kind hearted cheer.
I am greatly cheered by prams.They’re such adorable objects - like little boats on wheels.

My first picture in Z4r6 and I must say it was an utter joy to dabble in .The brilliant ZBrush Siggraph videos were a great help in familiarizing myself and an enormous debt of gratitude to all involved. The wonder in the baby’s eyes reflects something that I felt using r6. I had many golden moments enjoying the multitude of great additions. I seem to remember being particularly aroused that I generate mask via creases. I am traditionally fast on the download and slow on the uptake . I found no reason to create any element in anything other than in Zbrush - save the spoked wheels which are assets I created many moons ago in the stark soulless laboratory of an unmentionable 3D Application.

Rendered in ZBrush. Special thanks to Marcus.

Best wishes,
The Flooze


Great work as always boozy floozie instantly recognizable happy to see you experimenting with the new update and features… keep up the great work i enjoy seeing your work constantly growing and improving… :slight_smile:

wonders in the sky, yes i can relate to that very much. and a wonderful boozy floozie color palette. beautiful work.

More great work.

Mark if the Universe was created for one reason; that reason must be for you to produce ethereal works of wonder, that gracefully dance through the collective fields of the phaneron.

Many thanks for imbuing within me a heightened sense of wonder…onward maestro!

I did, what I never did before here at ZBC.
Downloaded your pictures and printed it to find a nice place for it here at my house.
Sure, there have been a lot of pictures more than worth to be saved on disk or printed.
But I did this with your last picture only.

Thank you very much.

Very cool style you have Flooze…great job this looks great!

What great ambience to this photo.