Hello everyone!

I have been ZBrushing for nearly one year now and decided to post some WIPs. I’m still having a hard time trying to keep up and read the constant flow of great advice and artwork that this community is bringing forward (already spent countless hours in the ZBrush archives). So, a big thanks to the ZBrush community!

Anyway, I followed the advice of studying traditional sculpts on a regular basis to improve skills. I copied a sculpt of a Dante bust. After finishing the copy, I removed hat and clothes to further study the anatomy. The third set of images show where I am now: studying the muscles of the head and underlying skeleton. I will eventually use this set of sculpts to exercise my polypaint and retopo.

I mostly used the standard, smooth, clay tubes and rasp (http://archive.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=57944&highlight=ryankingslien) brushes. It’s been only a few weeks since I got my Wacom: these images where totally done using my laptop’s touchpad. I wish I’d gotten the Wacom sooner … .

The images are ZBrush renders, adjusted in Photoshop. I used the lens distortion effect explained by Nerveink (http://archive.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=57222&highlight=nerveink).


C & C more than welcome!

Kind regards,


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It’s very obvious how new I am to ZBrushCentral. This thread should be in the main forum, I immediately notified the webmaster.

Please accept my apologies for this inconvenience.


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I´ve just wondered about this new action hero :smiley:
But you´ve already cleared it up
Nice work BTW

What!?! :grimacing: This isn’t Statue Marble Man!!!:confused: Excellent sculpt, nonetheless. :slight_smile: Still would’ve been an excellent piece for an Action Hero! :sunglasses:

Very nice start of your sketchbook Etcher !

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Moni-Poroni: well, who knows: “The Incredible Adventures of Dante; Dante in Hell”… maybe in a new contest… . Anyways, thank you for the nice comment. :wink: .

Ismail W: thank you so much for your nice comments: as you can see from the Gif’s below, it really is plain ol’ ZBrush… . :+1: !

Lucky_1: a big thanks for checking out my sketchbook, and for the nice comment, since your work is an inspiration to me. :smiley: !

JP_Smith: Thank you for checking out my sketchbook, I’m glad you like the sculpts, cause these last few weeks, you really showed us some skilful sculptin’! :sunglasses: :+1: !


See ya later guys!

Superb sculpture and presentation.

This guy has such a sculptural feel. Very impressive :).

nice sculpt, keep posting!

yeah I really love the Ecorche approach, keep um coming there fella :smiley:

Subscribed. nice work etcher. very nice work. it looks so real to be marble. i love it.:D:+1:

wicked work, i love the build over, i need to do that again, make some changes to the skull i started, this inspires me to keep going with that method, wonderful work here.

Hi, nice work. It’s good to see some work from other belgians. grtz from Antwerp

Very nice sculpt ! i love it :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Hi everyone!

EricArtman: thank you so much for the kind words!

jocz: thank you! I will!

scottleroc: thanks for the encouragement, here’s a small update on the écorché :slight_smile: !

Gohanf22: thanks for subscribing, hope you’re feeling better! :slight_smile: !

threetails: thank you so much for checking out my sketchbook, and for the nice comments. Yep I’m planning to take the buildovers very far, cause I still got a lot to learn!

mutte696: Hey there, thanks for checkin’ out my works! More to come soon! :+1: !

Adrien: Thank you so much for stopping by and for the nice comment, Adrien!

Small update:

I just did a partial remesh on the muscle study: I’m gonna split the sculpt into three parts: Head/ears/neck. This way I’ll be able to put in some more detail and hopefully get a clean polypaint. I hate retopo :angry: !


So, many thanks everybody, see ya! :slight_smile: !

Wow, real impressive anatomy sculpt! :grimacing:

Hi Solidsnakexxx! It’s a real honour to have you check out my scetchbook! Thanks for the nice comment.
Awesome job on the Mantis Man! Please start up a sketchbook thread of your works cause I’m eager to subscribe! :+1: !

Sweet, he reminds me of Frank from Hellraiser! :+1: :+1:

Hey Etcher great updates! :+1: :slight_smile:

Sorry I´ve been so busy the whole time that I had no time for the ZBC main forum.

skullbeast: that is exactly what I thought when I put the specular material on him! I couldn’t resist trying out a “freshly peeled” version. Maybe I should give him a costume when he’s finished… :slight_smile: !

Moni-Poroni: no sweat! I understand: the contest was so intense, but you did great!
I had such a blast following the contest and I spent so much time on the contest forum that I sculpted close to nothing!

So, see ya later guys! Gonna’ sculpt now!

Hey man, I’ll be starting my sketch thread soon…As my past works are mostly pre-pro works for an unannounced film. So I’ll have to ask my director whether it’s alright or not to post.

This is like ZB Contest reunion or something…he he he. So many participants in your thread :wink: