Hey can I join the reunion? :wink:

Very nice work here, Etcher! Great facial anatomy and I love the wet specular look :+1:

SolidSnakexxx: great! I hope you get permission to post!

About the ZB contest reunion thing: I shure hope so cause the whole contest was over way to soon! I had way to few time to check out and comment every entry, cause everyone tried to give their best. And then, to my great disbelief, the threads closed on saturday so I couldn’t even congratulate everybody on a job well done. So now, I’m checking out who has a sketchbook thread, so I at least can leave a comment there.
And on top of all that I’m such a slow typist, IT’S GONNA TAKE ME AGES !!! :frowning: . But solid, how do manage to reply to som much people so fast? Do you have a secretary there working for you? Or, do you have two heads, four arms and two computers? I know something’s off, put I just can’t put my finger on it right now… :lol: !

Captain Sensible: please do join! Tank you so much for the nice comment on my sculpts. This morning I saw that you updated your sketchbook thread. Cool stuff! I’m gonna subscribe now! See ya there!

Hahhaaha Etcher, in fact…there are 8 Yongs…we are born octoplet… :slight_smile: Just kidding man… I’m just interested in the entries so I could learn new things…sometimes not the technique rather ideas or creativeness.

May be we could do a reunion in Thailand one day :wink: We have good Sun all year round…and nice beach to Sun bath with. And man…am I glad to see old (ZB Action Hero Contestants) faces here. Look forward to see great sculpt in this sketch book thread.

Speaking of Thailand, I will be there in 2 weeks time and I’m really looking forward to the break! A reunion there would be fantastic. It would be good to put some faces to the names. And yes I’d really like to see a sketchbook from you Yong. Mantis Man was pretty awesome! Geng mak mak!

Etcher, thanks man! Your work here is looking damn good and I’m sure we are gonna be treated to a lot more of it. I’ll be keeping a close eye :slight_smile:

Hey there (didn’t mean to steal your thread, Etcher), Captain Sensible, just so you know should you (any of you indeed) come to Bangkok Thailand, be sure to drop me a line at 66.85.906.1595. :slight_smile: Would love to meet up with other Zbrushers as in Thailand we don’t have that many.

You guys are killin’ me with this holiday stuff! My neighbors go to Thailand several times every year, they love it! They are always saying that me and my wife should come along! And now you guys…! :slight_smile: . Well, who knows… ! :slight_smile: !

Who knows…maybe the dream of having a ZB reunion in Thailand is not too far fetch :wink:

Woher kannst Du deutsch?? Ich habe mich sehr erschrocken -damit habe ich jetzt überhaupt nicht gerechnet.
Jaja…ZBC ist immer für eine Überraschung gut. :slight_smile:

Et bien Moni, je vais te l’expliquer demain, maintenant je vais dormir, bonne nuit! :stuck_out_tongue: !

LOl… Dir auch eine GUTE NACHT :stuck_out_tongue:

Heeey!! de que me perdí??? es el nuevo café del concurso de super heroes??..

Really great sculpt… really admire your work!

Moni-Poroni: You got me there! No, it’s really quite simple I learned some German in high school, and my yearly summer and winter vacation in Austria does help as well, of course. About the French: school again… .

ISK-86: I’m afraid I’m gonna have to reply in English to you… :)(altough I can read what you’re writing!). Welcome to the orphanage… :slight_smile: .
Thank you so much for the nice comment on my work.

Will update soon

Lol. :slight_smile:
I´m just wondering about one thing… which language do you speak in Belgium?
Dutch? I´ve learned in school that there are three languages… dutch…french and german right? Depends on in which area you live?
I´m just curious.

And where´s a new update???:wink:

Okay Moni, since you pushed me: Here’s the new update!!! :smiley: .
Well, it’s rather a test than an update: when all the sculpts are finished and painted, I want to place them together like this, to further refine my anatomy knowledge, but I couldn’t resist doin’ a small test in advance with the unfinished models. Straight screengrab, no Photoshop.

Regarding the languages: you where right, we have three official languages. I live in the part of Belgium where Dutch is spoken. :slight_smile: !

Come on Moni… where’s that sketchbook thread? :wink:


Cool update! Wanted to tell you the whole time that this is a very interesting technique.
Modeling the muscles first would be good for me …because I don´t know much about antomy. :slight_smile:

But it´s a lot of work, isn´t it?

And what do you mean with “where´s that sketchbook thread” ?
My sketch book? :slight_smile:
That´ll take a while.
I don´t have any work which I could show, because I have made only one test model before.
Right now I´m pretty busy with learning…learning…learning…
I´m reading tutorials here at ZBC in every free second.

Well…there hasn´t been one single day without an “aaaaaaah” effect. :slight_smile:

Have you something in mind for future projects?
Or are you already busy with a new model?

looking cool, I will follow your work on this, if you need any further ref or help let me know? well done so far.

I love that we’re seeing anatomical studies in a purely digital format. I’ve been waiting 10 years for this! Good stuff. Keep it up.

Really impressive anatomy sculpt sir! Very precise and clean…! well done!



Gotta try this some day!!

As I said before… I really admire your work… now i am studying human figure like crazy … lol…

When I grow up I wanna be like you :sunglasses:

Moni!! we want to see your works : )

cool stuff dude. love the anatomy study…:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: