Eric JV Sketchbook

Well i really want to start this thread mainly to post my characters and studies and get better.i’ll be posting old work and new work every now and then. i had started another thread but it was kind of silly to be honest ( i named it Dagoned’s first post ever… lol) and i thank everybody who took a second of their busy time and looked at my work. my goal is to be as kickass as some of my fav artists in this community, and just to mention a few lol. they would be… lil sister… intervain… fabianloing… alex…asims… anand…sebcesoir man i could go on for ever lol…well thank you for your time. c&c are all welcome

i’ve been working on this guy little by little only when i remember and i kinda like how its turnin out.

after seeing alexleia do this i really wanted to try it out, so i did. nothing like his stuff but good start i think. i had lots of fun and learned a lot in process

This an anatomy study i did a few weeks ago and i really would like to keep on working on him.

This its suppose to be made out of mud and rocks (its not my concept i’m just helping a friend out with his project)and this one really is at its very first stages

well this character is also a w.i.p, and i’m working on finishing this one for my demoreel if it turns out good. of course

Well i hope you enjoyed looking at my work and stay tuned for more soon, Like always comments and critiqs are more than welcome, they are super appreciated. well have a wonderful day now.










Hi im liking your works.The devil fella looks really good love the tail.
Love ya cube sculpt looking good.The cube sculpt is great fun :)…Your final character i like,some really nice details coming out.
good works well done :).

thank you very much for your words and i’m really glad you liked my work. have a nice day.

Great work! Very inspiring :slight_smile:

This is some Old Stuff i just wanted to show… while i’m working on new stuff. these were for a project that i was working on but never made through. i only did the sculpting, i didnt do the low bases.
thank you.









well this is a sculpture i did in school today, its just one of those fun studies from a box…it took me 4 hours to do and i purposely did not use any references, i just wanted to go with the flow of what i saw.


well comments and critiques are more than welcome. thank you for your time.








just a quick sculpt i did today i kinda like it so i might finish it and do like a quick little scene or something like that. comments and critiques are more than welcome…




Wow, looking very cool. Seems like you’ve got a lot of cool models.

hey thanks solidsnakexxx i appreciate your kind words… yeah i try to do a lot of studies here and there. i’m working on a few characters for my demoreel and thats taking up most of my time… well i’ll keep posting… later man.

well here is a scene i just started putting together. its still in its very early stage. i still got lots of anatomy work to do, but its ok cuz i just did enough today to pose them. i have a lot of ideas thought out for this scene and hopefully it will turn out good lol… i call it " a lover’s Decision" comments critiques are all more than welcome… have a nice day.

a lover's Decision1 .jpg

These images were done a couple of days ago just for simple studies. Sculpting obviosly in zbrush, render a few passes and then put together in photoshop. I hope you all like them and like always comments and critiques are more than welcome. Thank you.

This image was the first one I did and it took around 2 hours.


making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4Dt-HMJAE0&feature=channel

The second study was a lot of fun and it was a max of 3 hours of work.


Making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAI4wX7BTQY&feature=channel

No references were used while making any of these images. But on this one as i kept on working on it the image of one of David Girauds Character came to mind, so when I finished my version I quickly went and looked at his character and I cried a little.lol. Eventhough my version is nothing to compare to his I still wanna show respect. Well I sure do hope you liike it.


Making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GsUKnE5s9U&feature=channel

Thanks Everybody





Another Image I’ve created out of sculpt I did last night. I hope Everybody likes it and like always Comments or Critiques are more than Welcome. Thank for your time.


And here is timelapsed of all the sculpting. Please watch in HQ (High Quality) for better viewing. Thanks




Here is another Image I Created today. I hope Most of you like it and like always feel free to comment or critique on my work… have a nice day everybody…


and here a quick Video of the Character inside Zbrush.




The whole process about 5 to 6 hours… about 4 to 5 sculpting and the rest in photoshop… is nothing special just wanted to do something quick. here are the links to the vids of all the sculpting.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12DfW_a2fbU
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPp_SiLRpdQ
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcHR3MhASN0
Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLhdlN7mLco

Thank you.






Wow its been a long time since i posted anything But thats about to change lol… i promise i’ll post more often from now.

these are some Zsketches i’ve done lately and i want to share it with the pixologic community. These are fast things max two days on each but the last one.

Just something i had to get out of my mind and it should’ve stayed in there lol.


Well I hope you guys and gals like them. Any C&C are all Welcome.


Cire_Done 1_Zbrush.jpg

cloony_50_min_Study .jpg



Main _Zbrush.jpg

allviews _Zbrush.jpg


wow, impressive gallery. the sculpting video was very handy. did u use the clay tubes with a round alpha for that.

soulty666 - Thanks man glad you like my stuff. Actually is not a round Alpha, is the claytubes brush with a square Alpha with the edges blured out, it works nice you should try it.

A bit of textures never hurt anyone lol…


LoinCloths should go back in style.
Nice sculpt, and comp. I like the lightwrap.

Very nice :+1: The textures really brought him to life.

I was just watching some God of War I behind the scenes footage and apart from thinking “Man, this video camera footage makes everything seem reeealy old” I was also marveling at the spades of excellent concept and finished artwork they had hanging on the walls. This would fit right up there. Good job.