Eof's Sketchbook (base mesh to share Page 9/movie page 12)

Hello, guys!

I want to show some of my sketches:

Thanks for viewing :slight_smile:zbrushdocument6aj8.jpgpost-14-12154243361.jpgpost-14-12154246120.jpgpost-14-12154246131.jpgpost-14-12154248960.jpgpost-14-12154248961.jpg

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hey eof!

great sketches. nice forms. especially the first and last one.


Hi Rasmus! Thank you :slight_smile:

This one is old :slight_smile: but I still like it though it never be finished :smiley:




That a bunch of really nice characters you got there. Good weight.

Belltann thank you :)and some new sketches:
[](javascript:zb_insimg(‘114819’,‘ZBrush Document143.jpg’,1,0))

[](javascript:zb_insimg(‘114820’,‘ZBrush Document34.jpg’,1,0))

[](javascript:zb_insimg(‘114821’,‘ZBrush Document1324.jpg’,1,0))

[](javascript:zb_insimg(‘114822’,‘ZBrush Document12.jpg’,1,0))ZBrush Document143.jpgZBrush Document34.jpgZBrush Document1324.jpgZBrush Document12.jpg

a shame, you didn’t get to finish it. reallt like it too.
i remembered it from tweak.
keep em coming.


I really like your work. I especially like the clear, clean basic shapes and attention to the volume. Details are nice too, like on the axe girl. I look forward to more.

abyss103 - :wink:

royalwin - thank you man, actually I’m improoving my production speed, so more will come.

a couple of heads:





this stuff is great, haven’t added somthing to my favourites that fast in forever :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice forms. Was gonna ask, do you use ref at all for any of the heads and also, do you use a seperate mesh for the hair most of the time?

Anyways, hope you keep posting, really nice work :smiley:

Great sculpts, I really like the shapes and volumes that you are generating.

I really like the full figure female you have, it’s a cool design and the pose feels very natural and relaxed to me!

Great work, and thanks for sharing!

Peace-NickZ. :slight_smile:

I really like your sculpts, as I wrote you on Tweak they’re very clean and yet very strong.
Look forward to see more!

Fatastic all :+1: :+1: Il like very much “the women pose”, it’s very natural

Great work! :+1:

Nice works! I remember the girl with the axe:+1:

nizza_waaarg -

Was gonna ask, do you use ref at all for any of the heads and also, do you use a seperate mesh for the hair most of the time?
Sure I do use ref, but to my shame not only one ref for one head but multiple for one character. And I guess that is the reason of my chars is too stylized.
As for hair I think that using of additional mesh give you more freedom.

Edoardo -
thank you!

Maxter - thank you!

roger - thank you!

Mr Vinck - thanks man!

nickz - thank you!

great sketches man, keep it up :+1:

great sketches…

keep it going :smiley:

ParkParkin - Thank you :slight_smile:
ivar_sn - Thank you

Thats one is my current character WIP, still working, more details will come. Crits are welcome.




cool stuff!

I don’t see anything to complain about except maybe the thickness of the shirt. but that’s really minor. I’ll wait for the finished product