elfufu ORC resurfaced mesh

Heres a project ive been working on for the pat 2 weeks on my off time…Wish i had more time to put into this as i like how its coming out… but working fulltime and doing your own stuff is a no-no…

the idea here was to do a model using a mesh as simple as say metameshs devil cage.. sculpting it out and then treating it like scanned data..and redoing the topology
My first attempt would have been silos topology brush but what i find with that is that is that it gives a soft model that has great topology BUT has lost all the form and requires alot of cleanup..option #2 is to do zack petrocs appraoch of xyz shrink wrapping it.. and the reconstructing the subdivision history in Zbrush.. the problem with this is some pipelines do not want the use of displacement maps and xyz shrink wrapping it is slooow as hell, and again the results are based on the displacement maps.... SOOOOO using maya live i traced the model while having a smooth proxy on one panel so i can see the progress and keep the models sharpness.. The problem with using maya live is that since youre doing a low poly on top of a high poly model when the low poly model is smoothed the volume is lost and the model appears thinner.. the solution to this is to smooth the low poly, shrink wrap that smoothed version, THEN in your channel box history set your divisions to O, since you have history the model will go back to the low rez HOWEVER the verts are now pushed away from the surface so when you smooth the volume will be the same as the hiiiiiigh rez zbrush model..
this approach is cool cause its so much easier to figure out what you want in zbrush.. and then just resurface it, once you get the hang of it its preety fast..so if there was ever a piece i didnt know how i wanted done...zbrush it out of a box,, resurface it....all polys
anyways.. heres what i got so far.. 








He looks really good! Although the poly count seems rather high.

30,000 + smoothed…not too high 8k un smoothed + or -
not including armor

I guess that’s pretty decent. Maya’s sub-d’s aren’t that great, yet. I’m used to blender’s sub-d’s which I can get a ton of detail with few control points. Just have to watch topology you know. Max and XSI look like they have good sub-d’s but I haven’t tested them yet.

excellent modeling ! Can’t wait to see what’s next !

You got a Nice model over there, Good work.
But i have one question :
Did you model the whole character by yourself or just detailed a base mesh from poser or smthing like that, or maybe you used one of your own made base mesh ?

Hey Miguel that looks very cool! the way to do it seems pretty good, now im asking, would that be something similar to lets say once u have created ur new mesh with nice topology, u smooth it once, xywrap to the model and export it to obj to zbrush, import that smoothed as a new tool in zbrush, and then in zbrush u create the low res ( with the history whatever, i don’t remember :slight_smile: ) and then u activate the Cage option…would that work also? just wondering…anyway nice model here!

Nice work elfufu, but could you post some better wireframe images? It should be the main point of this thread (although I have to say the model is pretty nice in itself!) but we can’t see a thing about it…

Coming along nicely :+1: . Some of the Armor seems out of place like the shoulder pad. Also judging by the size of the human heads, I would say this Orc is close to 10 feet tall. That’s crazy huge. If I were you I might scale the heads larger. Maybe also scale the shoulder pad larger as well. He’s mean and buff but his weapon is dwarfed by him…Might want to change that or make it larger…unless you were going for a little hatchet. Don’t think it fits the Orc’s profile though. In my experience with Orc’s…Usually the bigger the weapon the better. I believe they think it helps with their :angry: intimidation :angry: factor.

Hey that’s looking nice.
What you going to do with the mouth?
Is it going to be in a permanent snarl?
Reminds me of the Jeff Unay sculpt.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

nice naturalism in the torso. your technique sounds interesting, would be cool to see some clearer pics of the 0 level wire that you built over the zb model.

Meta, yeah im sure its prob the same effect… this woul deliminate the zbrush step though since you literaslly need to just change your history divide to 0 and youre done. where in zbrush youd have to import, reconstruct. cage, export…but yeah its very cool…:sunglasses:

he is suppost to be huge…so 10 feet is about right… the axe is straight from the art of warcraft book, suppost to be a smaller hand axe… this guy was meant for speed. yeah some of the armor isnt :ATTACHED" yet… all in good time…Thans for the replies though guys…:+1:

He’s supposed to be fast? I don’t think that musculature would allow for that fast of movement. Its amazingingly well done, yet I don’t think he could run fast. I think he would need to be less top heavy. I think he should be built more like a runner in my opinion. The legs can be really musculature, just aerodynamic throughout the character.

ahhh fast, slow, karate fighter, air plane pilot , tropical botanic plant specialist …whatever as long as he looks coool… :cool:

The olympic sprinters look pretty cool and are fast. :wink:

when youre right youre right :laughing: i decided hes no longer fast… you won womball :wink: i will let him know later today to slow down…:):+1:

i just knew i didnt want him to be huuuuge like the typical orc… i dint put much thought into it past that… but you are def right…

cool man i will try this at home, see if i manage with it :smiley:
normally i just model in zbrush, pose the models and then do renders, so the mesh that i get from zbrush+displace works just fine for me, but if i wanna rig and animate my models, i guess this is the way to go, create a “ready to skin” mesh…doest it really make a difference? :smiley:

well not so much the difference as the zbrush model will always look better with more resolution, BUT sometimes you cannot use zbrush displacements… so this would be your only other solution besides box modeling which sucks pelotas

Looking nice Pooch. I agree that working on your own time after work is hard. Nice work dude. And its nice to see the explanations of your approach.