Elf ( vahid ahmadi sketchbook)

hello guys.
Elf is modeled totally in zbrush and rendered with BPR and All the armor using only topology brush and zmodeler as well as curves.
i included my materials that i made for my self in i share them with that you can download in following links:

i also included my hair workflow and armor video below :

my artstation :

my email : vahidahmadi2050@gmail.com
and i also added some short tutorials in terms of render , stylized hair modeling, materials,ETC…
and i hope that helps
and i hope you like it
and thank you alot
it took me 38 days or so to finish

the concept is by daeho cha

he is super artist.



elf Free materials to download : i hope that helps and i added some tips how to make these materials work better with some pictures and it includes my zbrush fabrics,armors,skins,etc… materials.http://www.mediafire.com/file/rrj4eg0wr9as9uj/Vahid_ahmadi_zbrush_materials_download.rar

i also included my hair workflow and armor video in link below :

video tutorial:


wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww I really do not know what to say at all. Unbelievable It really is the best Must top row It is

@Amir hossein thanks alot my dear freind its very kind of you

Very generous of you Vahid to share so many materials - very kind of you , can’t wait to try them out!!
Should I find the time I should do a little picture to thank you for them.

…And the art? Wonderful , you’re a master at balancing multiple elements to create a cohesive design .:+1:
Another great result.

@thanks alot dear mark for your kindness you are greattttttttttttttttttt

Stunning work Vahid! I’ve always wondered when I look at your work, but this piece makes me want to ask. Do you intend to 3D print any of these beautiful pieces? :smiley:

Wow, Dear Master
your works are awesome
i don’t know what should i say
just i can say you’re the best
Thanks a lot for Tuts and worth files

@sudhan hey bro whats up sudhan… first let me tell you i love your creative works , and about printing i never thought of that but maybe i dot it later and again thanks lot for your kindness bro

@artist.ae609 well , dear ahmad old pal, thanks alot my freind for your kindness my dear freind and i hope they would help


@vahid Thank you Vahid! It’s always a pleasure, :slight_smile:

@Sudhan thanks alottt bro

wow:o…amazing job dear vahid ,impressive,flawless,as always my friend (ba in yeki bad hal kardam eyval)

@kiarash thanks alot bro its very kind of you fadaat


Oh my… so beautiful. Thank you so much for the breakdown. I love your style.

@c_squared well, i thank you for your kind wordsss and appreciate that:D

Bad Ass!! Another amazing work and amazing render. Beautiful!

thanck alot my dear freind its very kind of you