Elf (vahid ahmadi sketchbook)

Elf is completely done in zbrush and rendered in zbrush using bpr render and final touches with photoshop. i did this stylized character from a concept by daeho cha and here you can find main concept :

i used mixture of topolgy brush, zsphere topology ,zsphere armature and zmodeler for making armor shoes , tools ,hair,etc… and all the stuff is done completly in zbrush
I also added 2 video links that oen of them is short tutorial about making armor using topology brush and zmodeler and the other one is a time lapse of making of elf and i added some photo tips of making elf in here :

0 Elf  colored version by vahid ahmadi based on concept by daeho cha  zbrush work.jpg

https://youtu.be/vcTpXBditds2 elf color render by vahid ahmadi zbrush work.jpg



it’s awesome . thanks for the breakdown and tips . coooooooool

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omg this is incredible … simply amazing .

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A fabulous follow up to your previous post:+1:
Love the illustrative quality you’re getting with the bpr render:+1:

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Yeeeeeeeep, I’m pretty sure you can go ahead and throw this on the top row. :slight_smile: Well done and thanks for the breakdown.

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great work, nice and clean, top row.

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You’ve set a very cool standard for rendering things inside ZBrush. Thank you very much for the breakdowns and process videos! ^^

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So cooooool!!! Very well done as always! :slight_smile:

Omg man well done !!
Each time I try to use BPR render in ZBrush I fail hard with the result for skin and hair, for those things you did a lot of post in PS ? Thanks !

This is ridiculously close to the original, it’s amazing, and beautiful
Thanks a lot for sharing your breakdown, it’s always interesting to see the way different artists do certain stuff, For example the scythe decoration, I would have probably done it with a curve IMM, but your idea really looks cleaner

Excellent work. :+1:
Thanks for sharing.

Amazing Work

Thanks for breakdown

Great work man!

I would personally love to see this from more angles! maybe a full turnaround ? Did you project the concept artwork on to the model as a polypaint for the skin etc ??

thnaks alot guyssssssss for kind wordsss i really appreciate that