Elf (vahid ahmadi sketchbook)

Amazing piece! It conveys a great illustration quality. Thanks for the tips, they’re adding to the value of your work!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

What about the skin and hair material&colouring? Are these polypainted on the geometry accordingly to reference?

thanks alot for kind wordsss its combination of textures from internet,polypaint as well as projection and also subtle texturing in photoshop

for skin i used zbrush skin shade

heres some little tips about skin and cloth texture rendering :

thanks alotttt its very kind of you actually i render almost piece by piece in order to get the exact same look that im looking for teh subtract tehm using flat color id pass but fun and easy part is zbrush is very very quick in render and as you know you dont wait that much and for skin i use skin shade with spec off and on and play with the curves in skin shade material and i make some skin passes than i mix them in photoshop but its really fun beacuse zbrush is very quick in render and for skin i use sss photo filters in zbrush which is really great and handy to make sss effect

thanks alot my freindddd

AWESOME design man!

Congrats! it’s so beautiful! :+1:!!

really amazing. Thanks so much for the informative post! =]

thanks alot its very kind of you

amazing work and thanks for the breakdown!

thanks alotttt

WOW! Bravo! To the concept artist that brilliant created such sex appeal and style and also in you for capturing every curve graciously in 3D.


thnmaks alot for kind wordsss

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Very Very dynamic pose great and work great in general!

thanks alottt dear amir fork kind wordsssssss


thanks so much bro

that`s great.keep rocking

thnaks brotherrr thanks mr hamidi alottt

Amazing! I love your style