Ehren's Art

Assassin’s Creed ; Benjamin Hornigold for McFarlane toys action figures. I did the high res modelling and Steve Lord did the head…

Admiral Kunkka :wink:
really nice work !

SICK stuff man!!

keep them coming :slight_smile:

Minotaur is awesome dude. Rest is great as well of course :).

Thanks Brett. Love your work too dude. ---- This is the Black Bart figure I worked on for McFarlane. Alex Pereira did the weapons and Steve Lord did the head. These pirate figures were a ton of fun to work on. The designs from UBISOFT were rad. As the figures are steadily released we’ll be to post more work.amazon_bundle_news_01_cl.jpg





Great body of works here! Very nice stuff.

some pretty solid and great stuff here,keep them coming man:+1:

Amazing stuff on page 1, great sculpt, this deserves more attention … 5* from me

Thanks guys. Its a competitive crowd on here. But that’s good. Lot’s of talented people. Keeps everyone on their toes! haha

Fantastic work! Great stuff, man.

great work, thanks for sharing!

fight_punch.jpg concept by Darren Bartley


Undertaker for McFarlane Toys statue


Commission after Elvgren. “Splendid View”

Wow, Great piece. Lovely forms, and it has this great pin-up feel. congrats:+1:

Awesome work! :slight_smile:

***8203;…a bit strange that you moulded the dots on the bikini though…

Jake - Its getting printed so the client asked for the polka dots to be recessed to hold patina in case of a faux bronze paint application…