this MMORPG called final fantasy 11 had monsters just like this.
they are called Hippogryph’s, and this figure has a history in mythology.
i REALLY like yours but thought i would add this to show you a different version of painted style on it.


A hippogriff is an mythological horse with eagle wings, claws and a beak. This eagle-man creature is rather different (but not less cool!). Homogriff would be an appropriate name.


Good work!! How did you do the hair? did you do it in zbrush or photoshop?

almost missed this thread…very very ultra kewl…both of my teenagers loved it as well…I personally had no crits because I love it…my daughter though said the head/neck was a bit stiff…

the crits from the others are probably valid, but I can’t crit because I am biased right now toward your work…and the hair is so well done imho…

please post more of your animated updates…

very original



have watched the animation continuosly since I dled it…is it my eyes or does the creatures left leg go to the outside of the elbow…I know the right leg walks behind the elbow? Just curious.

Very cool ! Liked the animation.

Hello All

First let me apologise for responding so late. I wanted to have something to show with my response to your comments.

BokoWar: Thank you

achrystie: Thank you. I tried to make some adjustments to the muscles I hope you like the update too.

KarimZ:Thanks. Bird like motion was the idea from the beggining. And I think in this update you will see it. It may not be what you had in mind but this is the best I could do.

Lemonnado: Thank you

yfchild: Thanks

Jason Belec: Thank you Jason. I’m glad you had the chance to watch them. I did take your suggestions into consideration whan I updated the animation. I dont know how much of it I was able to realise. I hope the new walk cycle is more to what you had in mind. I made him also walk upright as biped and there too I tried to give it that forward motion of the neck as a predatory bird. Again thank you for your comments and suggestions.

aceala: Thank you. I wish you posted that image earlier then I would have had a different texture.

Rhenderoceros: Thanks. I like the name Homogriff for the creature. Thanks for the suggestion.

chyv1083:Thank you. Hair is done completely in 3D max. I made a texture map for the hair color and also maps for hair density, root and tip thickness, and for hair length as well.

Ron Harris: Thank you. I’m glad you and your kids liked the animation. I agree that the neck was a bitt stiff. I changed that and now it moves more in accordance with his character. Thanks again.

monstermaker: Thank you sir. I’ts an honor to get a comment from you. You are inspiration to us all.

Updates: I worked on the animation some more and tried to take all your suggestions into account to make this better. I’m not sure if I achived that though. Below is the link to the new animation composited to show the process from rigg, skeleton and muscles to the final mesh. I’ts rather big file (23 Mb.) but I hope you find the time to watch it.
The link to the Composited Quadruped Walk Cycle.

Also found some time to make a small animation of the character walking as biped. I hope you like the updates.
Link to Biped Front View Walk Cycle. QuickTime Movie: 3.2 Mb

As always thank you in advance for watching and c&c is always appreciated.


![Eagle Biped small.jpg|648x864](upload://ttmyBzNJTUPQwFJBsvt7v2El77O.jpeg)![Eagle Comp small.jpg|1100x1152](upload://65ZuLo5Pa3BhZCJ1i3Rf4vmyDBh.jpeg)![ZBC_THUMB.jpg|100x76](upload://hEIsIUyzhmPC8WISypBqyanlvzR.jpeg)


Eagle Comp small.jpg

This looks awesome! What program are you using that has muscles simulation? I would love to be able to animate with a muscle system in place.

Hey womball, thanks.
Its a plug in for 3Ds max. Its called SkinFx. You can check it out at www.lumonix.net. What it is basicaly a skin deformer that you apply on top of regular skin modifier.It has muscle objects too. You can download the demo there. Check it out.


Im really impressed with your skills. It looks very very cool.
I must say though that the walk cycle looks a little odd to me.
The motion and animation itself looks very good and smooth.
But somehow the expression of his character through his wlak looks funny to me compared to the nature of the sculpt itself. He is this dangerous mutated killing machine and then he walks like he is an afro-american/groovy-heavy-metal dude (the hair) down the street giving high five to his homies.
Maybe its the hair movement and the swinging in the neck that makes me think that.
But anyways.
Really good job. Im so impressed with people that can take things this far.

This is a really beautiful creature you’ve got here, very majestic. The textures are particularly enjoyable.:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I’ve heard of these muscle based deformation systems, spline based right? To look at it it seems like a lot of work compared to a traditional tootsie roll rig. I wonder if you could tell us just a little about that process of genertating the bones and muscles.

Better, but watch the left side of the animation, then watch the right, missing stuff for some reason. Oooops. Not talking symmetry, watch your muscle system.

It’s still mechanical, your start stop left to right and back has a hesitation. Great for droids, but characters are expected to be fluid and in this characters case I would suggest explosive as well. And some introduction of irregularities so it’s all not so symmetrical in motion will really give you something even in the current state that will make your jaw drop.

Keep it up, you are learning and adapting quickly. :wink:

Hint: fluid motion makes it come to life, no matter how simple the structure. Try to be robotic and you will still look fluid, it’s what defines man made vs nature in general.

Wow! This is really great stuff.

Like someone else mentioned, it’s great to see somebody’s sculpt actually moving. I always wonder how displacements or normal maps look when animated.

Crits and comments: The biped walk doesn’t look as natural as the quad walk. He looks odd upright like that.

The one thing that might add a little more bird-like trait so it doesn’t look TOO gorilla in it’s gait are some head movements. Like when a bird is constantly making quick turning and darting movements with it’s head.

But…really nice job. Enjoy watching the progression movie.

Very nice work. Yes, this is what I was talking about for the head motion. Looks great. I think your textures are a little bit down compared to your modeling and animation. I find that they are too blury and simple. Especially on the side of the head.
A great work non the less.
Looking forward to updates

gr8 model. But the rigging and skinning are just kick ass!!. really awesome work!.

I’ve never used that muscle system as I don’t have MAX, but it seems to me the muscles are acting more like “fat” than muscle. There doesn’t seem to be any “flex” in the appropriate areas like the calves, quads, triceps, pectoralis, etc. Maybe there is some setting or a morph/deform you can use to put some flex in the muscles? You can see the effect of the muscle structure for sure, if you watch the quadricep, there’s a sort of “jiggle” where the skin moves over the muscle, but that seems to be the case for all the muscles, they’re “jiggling” when they should be “flexing”.

I think the awkwardness of the upright walk is fitting personally. It’s not his natural body structure to be upright given the curve in his back, the short legs, long heavy upper body, large feet, and long arms. A baboon, gorilla, or chimp look really strange walking upright as well, so it’s not so much out of character IMO.

Still a great piece of work though, keep at it. :slight_smile:

great job!
you could give him some wings
(my opinion)

Very highend stuff here, kosovo, and well presented. It must be fun to work with that skin plugin. Just beautiful. 50.


I wasn’t with you at the start of the thread, as a wildlife artist specializing in birds I thought it looked some kind of demented lizard. Obviously the modelling ability was there, but I thought it was a bit silly. However, as it has progressed it has evolved into something quite brilliant, I hope there is further development, and I havent seen the walk cycle yet, but you have something here that could hold up a film.


Congrats on the top row!

great job! five starts from me.

I’ve always wondered how puppetshop and skinfx works but I don’t have 3dmax could you explain on it a little please?