Started this a week ago and I have to wrap it up, could play with mental ray skin shader forever. I will try to do the hair in Max and if I have time rigg it.
Texture may be a bit too colorfull but thats prety much how I wanted it, because I think that birds in general are colorfull.
I had fun with Alfas as you can see, I tried to make the skin have some tatoo like paterns, I hope I didnt overdue it.

Will post more with hair (hopefully I get it right).


and here are some of the concept scetches.

![Eagle HD Torso View02 copy.jpg|1100x845](upload://xsrc2iwSqbBEaWJnDTknzWt0FgZ.jpeg)![Eagle HD Torso Back View02 copy.jpg|1100x845](upload://yBBmLMq7TJubMrTmeGXb5i9u5I4.jpeg)![Eagle F S copy.jpg|1100x960](upload://9CUVVNhInbIVyp4g07S0wMbB2k0.jpeg)![Eagle Character Scetches copy.jpg|1100x864](upload://sOGEfA4tC0aHXaPSWtC6qs7byJz.jpeg)


Eagle HD Torso View02 copy.jpg

Eagle HD Torso Back View02 copy.jpg

Eagle F S copy.jpg

Eagle Character Scetches copy.jpg

KOSOVA: Hey this is nice! I have A few suggestions which may sound like I’m ripping this apart but I like this character and see lots of potential so I took the time to give you a few crits:

  1. I’d try fixing some of the anatomy/proportions a bit. For instance the chest kind of balloons out, to fix this push the clavicle in on the Z axis and down in the Y direction as well. Broaden the hips and add more mass to the legs. Make the feet longer.

  2. The head placement is a little weird IMO especially in the back and side views. Define the separation of the cranium and neck/spine more clearly, push and and angle the head forward a significant amount on the Z and down a tiny on the Y.

  3. The bumps contouring the ribcage and abdominal muscles, and down the center of the chest look unnatural, and hurt this piece. I would lose those, grab some good reference of a torso and sculpt the anatomy a bit better.

  4. The hands and fingernails could use work. The fingernails connections to the fingers are not good. Spend more time on your hands they are just as important as anything else and hands in general give off the most expression second only to the face. Look at your own hand when sculpting, try putting it in the same angle as the one on your screen and copy what you see.

Allot of the suggestions I made could be done rather quickly by dropping the subdivisions grabbing a big brush and using the move tool. Maybe use a lattice in Max where you created the base mesh also. I think making some changes to this guy will make you like it more in the end and add to the believability of the character. Also the texture is off to a good start but the colors seem somewhat isolated and blotchy in areas. The transitions between colors could be handled better I think. The shaders making everything look way to smooth and shiny.

Good luck and peace out, I will keep an eye on this hope you update.:sunglasses:

Hey cass83 I must say I am amazed by your long and descriptive reply. Thank you for taking the time and analyzing my work. Now a little bit of explanations which may sound like exuses but I think I need to clarify some things.

As far as anatomy and proportions they are done intentionally the way they are.
Chest for example is squashed in x axis as in order to make the connection btw the torso and neck and also this creature is ment to be a biped as well as quadruped, hence the chest sticking out and legs a bit shorter, close to the sketch.

As far as bumps on the chest ribb cage and all over the body for that matter are there to compliment the overall design of the creature. It may work as such or not. It depends what you are looking for. This is by no means realistic looking creature therefore the freedom to deform it a bit.
As for the hands I couldnt agree with you more they are and should be expresive and I think that hands on this creature serves the purpose of as a design and as practical body part .

As far as anatomy goes one is never too old to learn, I’m still learning after all . But sometimes you just go beyond anatomical correctness and search for different areas of creativity. One may be successfull or not in that regard. This by no means to underestimate the importance of knowledge of anatomy.

Now if you look carefully on the sketches (the middle and the right one) you will see that when I was drawing I was also considering the bone structure which you can see on the legs, hands and torso as well. This is a loose scetch after all but it shows a lot and it helps on the next steps. I usually do my research before I start anything.

Now all this is not to prove you wrong or me right its just a clarification of my thoughts and intentions on this character which in the end will help you, I hope, look at it from a different point of view and see it differently. In the end words are always too much for one to make explanations of its intentations.

Again thank you for taking the time to writte what you needed to writte. I appreciate that and I hope you will continue to watch this thread as I continue to update it and share your thoughts . I just started rigging it. I’m using Puppetshop Plugin for rigging and I will use SkinFX for skinning and muscle simulations.

FatmiriEagle Torso Z 02.jpgEagle Arm Z.jpg


Eagle Torso Z 02.jpg

Eagle Arm Z.jpg

Sketches are awesome. If you reworked some of what you have to be closer to them, you would have an amazing character. :wink:


I love everything about it

Hello All

A small update

YourGardener: Thanks a lot. I hope you like the changes I made too.

Jason Belec:Thanks a lot man. I hope you can see that I took your advise and reworked the model. I’ts still not as in sketches but is much closer and I’m happy with it. So again thank you.

I have changed the model quite a bit and managed to rigg him as well and I
took a completely different approach on texture which is still a WIP.
I did a small Gorilla like walk cycle which you can see here . The file is 1.8 Mb. No texture on the animation yet.
Alternative View of the same Walk cycle .The file is 1.3 Mb

I’m working on the hair and I’ll post new images as soon as I get decent results.

Any comment or critique welcomed

Thanks for watching.

![Eagle me new material01.jpg|1024x751](upload://t2bSJwF9hxjwNDLhVQ6Hr51k06P.jpeg)

dude, that animation is awesome. i was actually just thinking about how nobody ever posts animations and stuff of their amazing work.

love it. can’t wait to see more, more, MORE!

This render really fell into place. Love the tone and realism. Congrats.

Great work, I love the animation and the model in general, I wish the toes would follow through with the push for the legs. They just stop and raise up for the next step. It’s hard to explain. Keep it up and keep us posted :slight_smile:

Very good work!
The Walk cycle it’s very real!! :+1:

very nice model and walk cycle. looking forward to updates

That is so much better, as it resembles your very good sketch. Texture is also much better. I couldn’t watch the animations, guess you lost bandwidth! :wink: Keep it going.

That is one sexy bird, :laughing:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Hello All

casey33: Thank’s a lot man. I appreciate your comment.
AVTpro: Thank You
x-titan: Thanks .
gega74: Thank you as well:
KarimZ: Thanks man. Below is another update of the same but with hair.
Jason Belec: Thank you. I hope you can watch this one.
Smisaac:Hahaha I never saw it that way but now that you mentioned it:o.

Again thank you all for your comments and finding time to watch.
And as promised here is another Update. I did find some time to work on the Hair (maybe its better to call it Mane) and also managed to add some jiggle for the muscles which still may need some adjustment’s.This is a looped animation so the Hair jumps a bit from the last frame to the first. No texture on the animation yet, it takes too much time to render so I’m saving that for the end. Below is the link to the same animation with Hair and Muscle Jiggle.

I hope you like the update.

As always thanks for watching and C&C are welcomed.


![Eagle with hair.jpg|1024x751](upload://fNJ7mtsnERXVO6VXHNYsZubp5i3.jpeg)

Perfect work:)

One thing you might consider, and maybe you just haven’t gotten to this stage yet, is some flex of his calves in the back legs as he walks. Right now they seem a little bit stiff with so much bending of the rear foot involved in the walk cycle. Maybe a little flex in the triceps too in the upper leg/arm.

Otherwise…amazing piece of work. Those textures in the still image and the mane/hair are fantastic. This is a top row piece IMO. :smiley:

It’s work like this that makes me wish we’d see more movies with high quality original CG characters.

very nice work, the hair looks great especially in motion. The triceps are buging me a little bit though, the “floppyness” looks great but I think they should flex and harden when his hand touches the ground because they’re constantly “floppying” currently.
Have you tried giving a bird like motion to the head? I mean back and forth like the pigeons do, could be nice maybe

Great! I like it a lot. I expect it to move any second!

The mov file is very “OUFOU DE AMAZING”


Nice, got to watch them finally. :wink:

Watch the sliding feet problem. Watch where your weight is during transitions, currently yoou have muscle snap before the weight is transferred and the shock has time to travel. Some stiffness, but that may be the character. I think you need to trnsfer more weight into the feet/hands fro compression with the terrain. Overall nice. A suggestion: when you get around to adding motion to the head, it should hold and dart, hold and dart, constantly like a bird - very predatory. You have everything you need to make this really nice, right heere. Some bone rotation to help express muscle, and paying attention to weight transfer and shock will really make this pop for you. Also try to alter the walk a bit over 4-5 cycles so it is less robotic. If you really want realism, add in a bit of imprefection, like a slightly twisted ankle or slight twist to a bone as if it were broken in the past, throwing the hand or foot out of alignment.

Just suggestions, it’s your work. These are just things to alway keep in the back of your mind. :wink: