E-Nable Prosthetics Part 1: Dante

Hi folks.
I’ve never posted about these things before, but thought I might post now since its the last day of 2015.

Its been a good year in many ways, and this is definitely one of those reasons.
I’ve been a member of the E-Nable organisation for over a year now, and have been very fortunate to collaborate with a Robotics school in Wisconsin, America.
The school is named SFRobotics and ran by Peter Graven.

Together with myself living on the tiny Island of Malta we have collaborated to design and decorate these prosthesis in our spare time.
We have created aesthetically fun designs that are specifically asked for by each recipient.

This couldn’t be done without ZBrush.

The use of Dynamesh, subtraction operations, as well as sculpting were pivotal for each design.
The original files are open source and available on ThingyVerse. But over time I have updated the gauntlets to suit our needs.

Below I shall post all the projects we have worked on together so far, we’ve done quite a few.

All images were taken by both Peter Graven and myself.

This is young Dante. His hero is Spiderman.
I subtracted grooves in the palm, and later the class of SFRobitcs filled the grooves with black rubber webbing.


11008490_390494464455964_5993033486737137770_o (1).jpg

Before the rubber webbing idea we considered printing out the fingers as separate red, black and blue pieces.Quite involved. Thankfully the class had many good suggestions.



Regional news covered the story of Dante at this link here.
At the bottom is some news video footage of Dante receiving is prosthetic.

YouTube Channel


Awesome work and use of the software!

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That is the most wonderful use of Zbrush ever.

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What an amazing real world application of zbrush and 3d printing. I love all the different printed prosthetics on your website. You guys are doing such great work for people, keep at it!

Artwork that is far beyond! Very cool!

Just amazing! Thank you!

Love the spider man theme, as cool as the Wolverine themed one I saw a few months back.
This is the best part of 3D printing for me. so many people are doing this for family, friends and even people they don’t know!

Inexpensive prosthetics are now accessible to far more people, and they are better in many cases than the official alternatives.
The media goes wild about 3D printed guns, but this is what it’s all about!

Humanitarian + Technology = Progress!

This touches me.
Thank you for doing this, thank you for showing that a community and digital tools can move things into a better world.

I love the proud children faces wearing their special device.

My deepest respect and best wishes to all involved in this wonderful project.

This is wonderful! Cheers


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Beautiful !!

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That is fantastic! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Cool cool cool Jonathan. Great real-world application of the craft.

I would love to help E-Nable, checking out their website now. I may have questions later if you don’t mind.

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Thanks everyone.
Delighted to have made top row with this work, and its only the first posting on this topic.
There are about 7 going 8 prosthetics in total. Each presenting their own unique technical challenges.
I’ll gradually get them all posted here very soon.

YouTube Channel


Wonderful work Jonathan! The top row is well deserved! Can’t wait to see the other designs

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…of the 21st century technology! :+1:

Aria was actually my first project with SFRobotics.
She requested a Disney’s Frozen themed hand along with her name on the side.
Princess Aria was added.
Layout was determined in Maya and all the assets were merged down with Dynamesh.
As more projects were developed ZBrush took care of more jobs than just dynameshing.
Later MatchMaker, & slicing came into play.

Aria testing her hand on Christmas day.


Final print. Later new and different materials were used. Even a translucent icy version.

ZBrush viewport shot.


Class of SFRobotics handling, printing the files.

Class of SFRobotics assembling the gauntlet.




Excellent video presented by Rockin Robin Media.

YouTube Channel


Thank you so much for doing this. I cannot find words to express my gratitude. Proud of you guys.

100% wonderful. Great vision and such worthwhile work. Well done!

these stories are so moving, it makes it really hard, not to get mushy.
fantastic project and fantastic effort of the folks involved.