Dynamesh sketchbook

Hello there! I am a very new user in the zbrushCentral so I am still trying to get my head around it to see how it works. Here I am posting a series of sketches that I recently worked on mainly using dynamesh as a starting point. feel free to share anything you like and critique my work in any way.

Faces of the world 02 *part of a series of sculptures


Richard Scarecrow


faun bust





Great first post, the first and alien (?) pictures are especially good. Love that creature!
Looking forward to more from you.

Seems like you have gotten your head around it just fine. I especially like the first image.Welcome aboard.

very very good, great start love the alien creature :+1:

lovely creations!

first post is too good , btw you should name your all the character, so that we can mention them with name

Great Stuff!

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great texture work on your first image, the dry paint on his forehead came out really well:)!

Great works! :slight_smile:

Wow thanks a lot for all the comments! I really appreciate them. sorry about not naming the images properly I just fixed that.

Like I said before I’m very new to this forum and forums in general so apologies if I’m doing something bizarre… I’m in the process of finding out how to subscribe to some awesome threats!

Here is an image I also finished recently. I used Dynamesh and fibermesh for the hairy character, the mesh itself is very simple he doesn’t even have a face.
I kind of modeled it with the final composition of the illustration in mind so he is allright looking just in that angle haha. the dry “grass” is all fibermesh layers.

I render quite a few passes with BPR and used Photoshop to do the compositing. I hope you guys like it!




Beautiful sincererly

lovely, great mood

Fantastic work! I love the illustration! :+1:

Very nice!

What a fantastic illustration! Lovely feeling to it.

I agree!
How sweet is that?

The trees… they’re not fiber mesh are they?

Sweeet! Realy beautiful artworks!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great pieces here!! amazing fibermeshing and outstanding sculpts:+1:

Wonderful work. Great composition. A painterly change of pace from the usual critter market. Don’t get me wrong, I love creatures as much as the next guy, but it is nice to see someone break from the pack and in such a masterful way. I would love to see your breakdown on the Dandelions. Fibermesh is awesome. Top row for doing your thing!