Dynamesh sketchbook

I love your creature/character work as well, and is fine work. “Alone in Dandelion” just really filled my sails when I saw it. It moved me on a sluggish Wednesday afternoon.

Hey Carver thanks a lot for the nice review! I’m glad you liked it! I conveniently saw this post today on making a dandelion:


It is very cool and you might find it very interesting specially for a close up shot. The technique I used for my dandelions is way more basic than that, I have to say. I didn’;t model anything just tweaked fibermesh and use an image. I will post a quick screenshots process of how I went about it.

Thanks again!


the trees are painted (custom PS brushes). I tryed zspheres with fibermesh but I didn’t get what I wanted and they where going to be in the background anyway so I just painted as part of the BG.

Hey Guys! thanks a lot for all the comments I really appreciate them. Here I am back with my new sketch of the week, this time I was reading a book from Poe and decided to make a tribute to the master.

Also I wanted to try fibermesh in a different way… a more “stylised” version for the hair maybe? anyway it was all done with dynamesh, fibermesh, BPR (passes) and photoshop. I hope you guys like it!



Edgar (plain):


great job !

Last one got a special style, good to see in the “Tim Burton Corpse Bride” :smiley:

I like it. Very stylish !

This is really a wonderful character ! It would be fantastic if you could share some insights about the way you made the hair.

Awesome dude! specially the hair style!:+1:

Really great work, man! Love the hair, and love the sculpt.

great illustration!!!:+1: nice fiber mesh too:)

That is a great portrait of a favorite writer. You’ve really done him justice.

Mr Poe is lovely :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Hey guys, here is something I did for my website but I will post it here before to see if someone finds it useful.

it is basically a quick step by step process of how I made the hair for my latest post: “Edgar”.




hey guys! a quick post on something that I am working on for a very specific tutorial: “Dreadlock with fibermesh” its the early stages but I thought I share it to gather some comments and critics before I go any furthers. I am planning to make a few different styles but here is the idea:

dreadlocks tut wip.jpg


Really nice dreadlocks:) I was really amazed by the quality. It will be interesting to see how you achieved it.

Truly inspiring stuff! Thanks for the walk through, I’m definitely going to play with it!

Something I did a few months ago, hope you guys like it! any comment or critique is very welcome!

all done with dynamesh, posed with zspheres rig, render passes with BPR and quite a bit of time in photoshop.


Great sculpt! You are someone one can look up to:) Anyways, I saw that you are making a tutorial on Dreadlocks!!! I have a project (character) that requires that and after Ive seen the quality of your work I was wondering if you could point me to the tutorial or if you are going to post here:)?


This is one beautiful piece. From Poe to this woman, you sure have versality.

Thanks a lot for the tutorial by the way :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for all the comments. I am still working on the dreadlocks tutorial I will post a render soon!

in the mean time, I’ve been working in a series of sculptures just for fun and to do something different. My idea is not to spend more than 1 hour per bust.

I have always wanted to render a material that resembles clay or plasticine so I found a thread in CGsociety from artist Jeff Patton and he kindly shares his process and a great tillable fingerprint texture that I use as bump map on my renders. I also felt inspired by another great artist and his zbrush central thread: chevon’s sketchbook. His sculptures are very clean and simple yet very appealing and interesting, I specially liked the render and the way that they are presented so I based my final renders around this idea.

What I like about these speed sculpture sessions is that I can explore different styles very quickly whether it is a creature a caricature or a more realistic head.

Here is the first batch of sketches, hope you guys like it. critiques and comments are always very welcome:

The Sailor

The Waiter

The Janitor

The General