DynaMesh Master! unofficial - Information, Installation

DynaMesh Master! unofficial - Information, Installation

                                                                                                                                                                                <b><u>DynaMesh Master!

(Current Version 1.4 Updated 3/23/2015)
by: Joseph Drust and Nick Miller

DynaMesh Master is a plugin that allows the user to set a Desired Polycount and generate a DynaMeshed mesh.

This plugin is unofficial.


Main features

  • Will automatically bake layers and clear masks before DynaMeshing
  • Will automatically scale the mesh to the correct size to reach the Polycount*
  • Options for Scaling up or Scaling down subtools for increased workflows
  • DynaMesh resolution is based on the bounding box of the subtool. If you have a small objects that would create a large bounding box the desired resolution may be off.




UnZip the attached DynaMeshMasterV#.#.ZIP file to your \Pixologic\ZBrush 4R4\ZStartup\ZPlugs\ folder.
Restart ZBrush.
DynaMesh Master will be located under the Zplugin tab.

Change Log

v1.1: Initial Public Release


So I found out that Nick Miller actually lives right down the road; and we decided to do a little collaboration :slight_smile: The initial ‘DynaMesh by polycount’ was conceived by Nick and is featured in his Zplugin ‘Nick’s Tools’ http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?167639-My-Zbrush-Plugin!&p=942708#post942708

The attached standalone version (DynaMesh Master) has had an autoscale option added and some different math. Once again the coding may fail so please post any bugs you come across and I will try to fix them :slight_smile:

Also one more thing of note; check out Nick’s new DVD on Eat3D about Zscripting!:

Hope the plugin helps!


[CLICK HERE TO GET CURRENT VERSION]DynaMeshMasterv1_1.zip (5.06 KB)


Good stuff guys, looking forward to trying it! :+1:

Amazing tool…Thanks for Sharing…gonna try Now…:+1:

Excellent improvement for Dynameshing!! much more speed workflow now.
I only miss to have a hotkey to expand all this great palette, so i decided to clone the pallete and asign Alt+D shotcut to pop up it. Awesome polycount feature!
Thanks a lot Joseph Drust and Nick Miller:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks for this plugin, but my model keeps crashing whenever i dynamesh with the scale up button. I only have it to scale up at 1 in the slider and my dynamesh resolution is only 1.5 million. The plugin under clean tool master also makes me crash all the time i want to use the dynamesh with scale option, i can only dynamesh the regular way and that is to not mess with its size, but just crank up the resolution slider.

Great stuff guys, I have one question, can u increase the range of dynamesh to go below .5 million? Kinda what decimation master does…

SO, is it faster than Nick’s Tools ? I really liked his script but the only crit I have is it can take quite a while to get the maths done.

Yes. It’s way way way faster.

The one in my plugin can be really slow when ‘Project’ is turned on in the Dynamesh menu. This feature is on by default (I think since 4r5?) per subtool which can be annoying. I still mistakenly leave it on before running the script. If you turn it off before you use it then it will be much faster. I plan to add a check in there to see if Project is turn on in the next update.

Indeed really faster but for that to work I’ve to not touch default dynamesh before I use dynamaster, otherwise it takes ages to calculate projections.

Thanks a lot for releasing this plug, it sure is awesome (although I also experience crashes with the scaling functions, but R5 has been the most unstable version of zbrush since 3.0 so not sure if this comes from your plug or the app itself).

Great stuff! Love handy plugins like these - thanks a million!

I really dig this plugin, really nice to keep polycount under control and yet retain almost every detail.

I’ve a feature request though, I don’t know if it’s possible given the nature of subtools but I would love the polycount slider to retain last used polycount PER subtool (even if it’s in a per sessions stored zvr)

Right now I’ve to keep adjusting it when working on multiple subtools when dynameshing (I don’t use the default one anymore, it speaks volume imo :wink: ).

In any case, thank you for this I hope you guys will keep updating it with future versions of zbrush because I can’t live without it anymore :slight_smile:

Actually, if you’re looking for ideas for updates to it, a couple of other suggestions might be to have the Shell functionality added to it. It’s necessary for hollowing out models and I use it quite a lot. Having the polycount option for that would be amazing! Another idea might be to create the new faces built by the shell as a new polygroup so you could easily select the inner faces.

Just suggestions though, it’s already great!

This has been a huge timesaver and I really appreciate it. The one thing that I can’t get to work is subtracting insert meshes…

Any Ideas?


is this plugin compatible with the latest r6 release?

grtz p

Definitely YES

going to install it imediately.

grtz p

Quick question. It says that it will resize to get the desired poly count. If this is a subtool, is there a way to resize back when you’re done? So that the subtool matches the rest fo the tools. or do all the subtools resize?

it will match automaticly
best plug in ever
grtz p