DWIII entry - Demon Invoker (nudity)

Thanks pr0ject! I’m actually aiming for a sick look on her, I don’t want nice and round things going on…I’ll probably exxagerate this a litle bit

new updat, I tweaked a lot of things and also started working on the arm armor. Not quite sure about it yet!


Fantastic detailing mate

I love organic looking armor like this, and the belt design is very Giger-esque. Great work sir! =]

very interesting and skillful work on armor’s surface. the harder parts are great and the softer parts :stuck_out_tongue: i think will be great soon. :+1:

Take the original nancy Sinatra song, these boots were made for walkin, and
animate her walkin all over some poor dudes back.

totaly awsome work, sculptings fantastic, great concept. Love it. :+1:

good job youre doing here. its looking really nice so far. my main crit on it would be her legs look far too long tho. i would shorten them up a bit , personally

yea the whole sick type of theme sounds cool. keep goin with this. the skull faces on the armor is a nice concept

thanks a lot guys!! She’s got a bit of exxagerated proportions, long arms and legs, slim sick body…but skin is not done yet, it’s just a blockout!

I really need to go to bed, but I’m posting my update, hope you find it interesting :slight_smile:


awsome armor
One thing that you might want to avoid is the hair as part of the character mesh.
Again great armor and i do like how shes very very very thin.
Very thin girls are very creepy.

Not as creepy as the traditional asian girl (usually a ghost) trying to make a phone call or swim in water. But still pretty freeken creepy.

Sort of a off shoot of Marilyn Manson’s mom maybe?

Hua! I like this… :confused:

cannedmushrooms, thanks man. Your tutorials are awesome btw :wink:

delima1975, thanks! but what’s with that face? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

face test


Really cool stuff going on here. I really like the armor and the overall cleanliness of the piece. Something about her breasts and waist look off. I like the weight of the breats against the armor, I think that’s well executed, maybe the waist is just too thin. Overall keep up the amazing work!:+1:

The detail and design just work too good!Im slightly bothered by her waist band.Maybe its the design on the lower half where it meets the thighs?Maybe a break /split like in skirts to allow for free leg escape if she high kicks for examplewithout upsetting the intire piece.cal.:+1:

that’s pretty cool man…
i think this one is going to be crazy…good…
really love the armor design and detail…
keep coming:D

thanks for the crits! I really appreciate them, I’m really taking them into account. Body skin still needs to be tweaked, but I still need to make 100% sure of what I want to change and if I wanna keep the direction in terms of proportions

Meanwhile I have started external armor!


how do you sculpt those details on the armor? what brushes and alphas do you use?

woow man, your concept is really incredible… man, all those details!

I can’t wait to see how is gonna look at the end


The shawl shield thingamerjig is kind of confusing me. I’m not sure if she’s holding it or it’s attached somewhere or what. I also can’t tell whether it’s metal or cloth or some sort of suspended mercury. I’m sure you’ve got great plans for it, but I am a bit concerned at the moment.

Pretty interesting conception of costume!

Keep it up