DWIII entry - Demon Invoker (nudity)

hello. I thought I’d share this with you since in cgtalk there is soooo many entries, I can barely get any feedback!

Well, so here I go. Name and background story still to be decided hehe.

Here is my latest update:

here is how I made it, just to justify the use of these boards ^^

And my concept you can find it HERE as you can see there is plenty of room for Zbrush :slight_smile:

I’m in love…with Zbrush.


Wow, incredible work on the body armor, did you model this as part of the body or a seperate piece ontop?

looking amazing

Omg this is gonna be creepy.:eek:
I wanna to see her face. :evil:

This bothers me. She’s so sexy but she also looks like if I got near her I’d lose a lung. Quite a predicament, but a great sculpt.

rubent100, I borrow the faces from the main body base mesh, but I don’t use the extract function, I convert the faces I need into a Polymesh3D, then append that to the main tool, so it’s a separate piece.
euge, thanks :slight_smile:
Daemon3d, there you go :slight_smile:
Twitchmonkey, hahah I guess that’s a natural predator kind of thing, which is good since she is EVIL!! :evil:

New updates! I’ll go higher up later on, in a better computer. Hence some parts look lowrez.


nice work. legs feel a tad long, but the huge arm may balance it out yet.

your totally right on all the entries. I havent goten to look at even half of them yet! good luck out there!

hmm her belt looks like a vagina with a clitoris? I’m not complaining tho.

yeah it’s a vagina. I think it reinforces the demon look. I always think of demons like very sexually influenced people…for all the movies like dracula or bible black :slight_smile:

I think that the model itself is all the background story you’ll need. I read it as :S&M female supremisist seeks bad boys who need to be disciplined, and feel degraded. Am I close?


I think Ed Gein had a belt like that but his was spray painted silver.

This is a great model with a lot of appeal! Nice job! :+1: :+1: I really want to see her in a pose that enhances her character more!

Very well done,love the detail and the design,cal

thank you people! You really encourage me. Please keep 'em coming. Any crits so far?

New update :slight_smile:


Cool concept and great start!

thanks KrakenCMT :slight_smile:

just messed with the skull detail, tried some effect!


Looks very cool, keep it up.

how do you make such great deep grooves in the boots

thanks Twitchmonkey!

thatsmessedup, I don’t understand your question man, it seems too simple. Could you be more explicit? :slight_smile:

new update… :slight_smile:


dam her armor looks sick so far. only thing i would say is that she looks like she weighs 80 pounds. other than that your doing a pretty good job :+1:

EDIT: i noticed her nails too. very creepy…