Drawing and Drawing with a mouse - which hand do you use?

Hi guys ,
Just following my curiosity the past couple of days ,I have been reading up on the different functions of the two hemispheres of the brain. I found quite interesting that the human nervous system is interconnected in such a way the the two sides of our body , left and right , are controlled exclusivley by iether the left or right side of the brain. The interesting point here is that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls right side of the body.
As the left side of the brain is the so called dominent , it proceses information in a linear fasion , being used for such things as language,reasoning and logic. The right side of the brain , is as some would say the artistic side :slight_smile: :). It also proceses information comming in but this process is some what indipendant of the other, its job is to avaluate what is around us based on past eperiences , how to interpret it visually rather then verbally. In short it is from there that comes our ability to draw to sculpt…but also our ability to inventive and creative…( this means that it works in connection with the left side , and if fact there is a dense nueral connection between the two sides but its important for out purposes to focus on the first point of visual interpretation )etc…

So my question is if the Right side of the Brain ( Artistic) Controls the left hand and the Left sid of the brain ( Verbal& analytical) controls the right hand .

Which hand do you use to draw/paint?
Which hand to do use the mouse with to paint sculpt…etc?

Further after you have answered these question are you now thinking about switching to a left handed mouse as I am :smiley:

My answers :

  • I’m ambidectrass I naturally write , draw and eat with my left hand but was taught at a younge age to right and eat with the right.
  • I use a right handed mouse :frowning: :frowning:



Hi Kircho
So you are a lefthander annoyed, annoyed !
One time by genetic and social use, one time by technic !
And we use 1/10 of the brain (as usual said) :smiley:
Ps But you are obliged : in a car there is no gear stick for left hander :rolleyes:
For your question I am a right hander no annoyed :rolleyes:
For your information there are in general 13% of left hander in the population !
So you are not an execption :slight_smile:
Just an 13% exception :wink:
Bon courage !
Pssss it will be funny to make this statistic here after some answers :slight_smile:
I have personnaly remarked than the actors are often left hander!
Maybe it’s the same for artists ?
For the moment we are 50% 50% :smiley:

Heyas Kircho!!

I am left handed. I draw with my left hand and cut with scissors primarily with my left hand. I do use my mouse with the right hand primarily and used to draw with a mouse in my right hand. I throw a ball right handed. I eat pretty much with my left hand…unless a left handed person is sitting to my left, I then eat right handed…and if I am alone and no one is watching…I then use both hands to eat like a barbarian… :smiley: Happy Holidays!

Hi Kircho,Im use my digital table with the left and i do the same things like Ron, ocasionally eat with the two hand slike he says¡¡¡
Add when I play beisball I take the bat like lefthanded but when i am in the leftfield im right hand. I can open the door taken the key with the right (dont with the left) and also i clean my teeth with the left, i cant with the right.My brother is also lefthanded and two of my sons 24 and 21 years old are extremely lefthanded¡¡¡¡
Interesting friend¡¡¡

Actual Stastistic 75% Left hander Zbrushers :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: i’m right hander, but i do not use any emisphere of my brain… i just listen to my stomach!

i do almost everything left handed. we lefties are the only ones that are in our “right” minds! :smiley: when using a tablet, i draw with my left hand, but i do use the mouse with my right hand, just because i got used to it after a while. but other than that i am pretty much a pure lefty. i enjoy being a lefty, but sometimes it can get frustrating in a right handed world. interesting research kircho!


i’m righthanded, almost exeption among zbrushers :eek:

Interesting question.

A few years ago, I started using the mouse with my left hand (I’m naturally right handed) to aleviate stress from always using it on the right.

I found that after a while, it felt just as natural as using the right. The added bonus was that I could have my drawing tablet on the right. This way, I could switch off easily as needed.

But—and I can’t prove this-- another benefit is that I really feel that using my left hand more is stimulating my brain in possitve ways.

Another muddled one here. I eat left-handed but write with my right, throw with my left but catch with both left and right, and do other things happily with either.

I agree with Ken; forcing yourself to do all sorts of things with both hands, not just drawing or creative, will likely help to train and exercise different parts of the brain, from which you can then reap the benefits.

I am a complete right hander, I do everything with it. I even use it to pick my nose. I feel slightly handicapped if forced to use my left hand.

Playing the piano I can clearly feel the difference in control I have over my left and right hand. But if I succumb to a videogaming session (which I do fairly often) I find my left hand has noticeably benefitted from it, albeit for a short period of time. Go figure.

Needless to say I always have an intense videogaming session before showing of my piano skills to someone. Theres a “crappy” missing somewhere in that last sentence, I think the right side of my brain censored it :slight_smile:

This left-right brain thing is described excellently in a book aimed at drawing; “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards.

I’m octopus …

Hm, very interesting post.

Ken, hush up about forcing yourself to use your left hand (well, it is you doing the enforcement). Read further.

I am a right handed person in everything I do, I feel absolutely no real control over my left hand at all. I can’t even pick my nose with my left hand :smiley:

But as a child I was forced to use my right hand instead of my left hand (I naturally used my left hand then) because of what was written above (yes, they knew this back then too), and my parents did not want me to be professionless, so they forced me to do everything with my right hand.

But what is interesting is that it did not stiffle my artistic side. And even though I am good at a lot of things (but learn the hard way), I believe that forcing the right handedness on me did improve my abilities in learning what most people learn for a living. But I never truely enjoyed it. I have always enjoyed the artistic side of me, but to this day I am still right handed…um, and I am a very bad writter, as no one can read my name when I sign things :smiley:

Parents want what is best for their children, not realizing that the artistic side also helps you in the logical side of the brain. Imaginative ways of solving problems (thank God I still have that :D)

So Ken, I guess it is alright that you force yourself to use your left hand, since you are doing the enforcement…

Ron, I always knew you were a barbarian at heart, Lordy I love barbarians, they are so sloppy. :smiley:

Many Blessings

PS. Many of you are ambidexturous and dont know it. :smiley:

Ken…when you said “I really feel that using my left hand more is stimulating my brain in positive ways”, may be true

BUT…I found drawing negative space very stimulating to the artistic side of me.

Why not try that?

Many Blessings

me— righthanded. Funny thing: I can write with the left tentakel, and the scribbling looks 90% like done with the right - only it is mirrored.

There is some use for the left after all :D: I am playing some stringed instruments for some 50 years now, and there the left does the important job while the right sometimes is having trouble to catch up with the movement of the left.

So Now 25 % of Left-handed and one Octopus :smiley:
Fouad is an Alien :smiley:

Im left handed… I do everything with my left hand… Except I use the mouse in my right hand probably 70% of the time to draw my ZBrush stuff… The pad is on the right side, and I just grew accustom to surfing the internet right handed and I guess it filtered into my drawing… But I still cant write or do anything outside of using the mouse, right handed.

Scissors suck if youre left handed… Some cameras do because I want to use my left eye… So does using a circular saw… I even have the tendency to flip through magazines in the store from the rear to the front.

I remember reading that book TVeyes years back in school, or at least I THINK it was that book (someone straighten me out if Im wrong) :)… Something I always found interesting is how the book explained to turn a photo upside down and try drawing a copy of a photo that way… Instead of seeing what you were actually drawing and recognizing it, say a horse for example… Youre forced to only draw the outline of shapes… Once you turned the drawing right side up, it looked close to the photo… Good for people who arent that great at drawing.

I use my feet.

Interesting thread …

I’m strongly right-handed (never forced to be that way), but both brothers are left-handed

Like Ron, I switch hands for eating depending on the seating arrangements

I might have to try Ken’s idea of mouse on the left and tablet on the right

Admittedly I type more than I make art, but most of the high-frequency letters are on the left, so maybe my brain gets a little mixed from that :wink:

At work (computer-support guy) I do stock neutral mice for the people in our dept

i’m left handed but i use the right hand too,except for writing cause this looks very ugly and no one can read what i wrote with the right hand inclusive me. :slight_smile: