Draw Size/Focal Shift hotkey plugin for ZB3 - Updated 5/9/07


This little plugin is for adjusting your Draw Size, Focal Shift and Z Intensity without interrupting your workflow.

Press and hold the hotkey ‘S’ for Draw size.
Press and hold the hotkey ‘O’ for Focal Shift.
Press and hold the hotkey ‘U’ for Z Intensity.

Move cursor sideways to adjust - no need to draw, just move cursor. While adjusting, the cursor updates in realtime and the top left NoteBar also shows the new values - useful for when the cursor is not over the model.

Release the hotkey to continue sculpting/painting.


The zip contains:

AdjustDFZsizeZB3.zsc - the plugin file

Unzip the zip file to your ZBrush 3… ZStartup\ZPlugs folder.

Restart ZBrush.

If the plugin has been installed correctly you will now have a Marcus Tools subpalette in the ZPlugs palette, with three buttons (but use the hotkeys!).

Note: There is some flicker in the realtime cursor update display. This is a restriction of zscripting and regrettably unavoidable.

[Edit : the old version is included below for those who prefer it.]

Let me know if this is any use.

Thanks Marcus!

I test it, works great. One thing I would be change. I don’t use the focalShift
very often but the drawSize all the time. And in the rush of work the focalShift
changed also if I want only change the draw size. I could renounce on the
focalShift or if it’s possible S + Shift for focalShift and S only for drawSize


Ralf Stumpf

Thanks Marcus!

I love your plugins!!:smiley: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Sweet…Thanks Marcus!!

is it hard to convert…or do ya have to rewrite em? is the new info public yet…if so do ya have a link to it.

Hey Marcus, this is sweet! thanks for updating it for ZB3.

My only critique would be that it is hard (for me at least) to move the mouse up or down without moving it left or right, so when I try to change focal shift it also changes my draw size…

I am guessing some of the new implications of ZB3 are preventing you from having it like it was before in zb2 where you just hot down a hot key and drag your mouse and then release your mouse?

Thanks Ralf and tdrs! :slight_smile:

Hello 'nuts, good to see you. :slight_smile:

This version is completely new. Conversion will depend on what the plugin/zscript does. I think probably before long there’ll be a new thread in the zscripting help forum discussing the changes.


Hello Eric,

If people find the combined movements difficult I can produce a separate hotkey for Focal Shift. I’d read that some people liked this way of doing it so gave it a try.

One of the problems doing it the old way is that now the cursor only shows the Draw Size/Focal Shift while it is over the model, so sometimes it would have been impossible to see the changes. I agree this is perhaps not the best alternative but I thought I’d give it a try.


suggested shortcut:

Type “Thanks Marcus”

Copy it.
Paste as required.

Working on Mac Version

First of all, WHOA! Awesome script! Thanks a whole bunch for making it.

If people find the combined movements difficult I can produce a separate hotkey for Focal Shift. I’d read that some people liked this way of doing it so gave it a try.

It think if any improvement is to be made to this script is that, it’d be very helpful to have red circle that denotes the draw size and the focal shift to also resize when click dragging it. Z3 does that only if the pointer is on top of the tool and I miss the old way where Z would redraw the red circle no matter where your pointer is.

As to accuracy to moving left and right and up and down, perhaps it’d be better to use some sort of toggle, like press s to go to the default, press s again and it adjusts the brush size, press s again to adjust the focal shift and another goes back to the default behavior. I don’t think that much accuracy is needed from Z3 anyway, that is plus or minus 5 brush size or focal shift value don’t really matter much, as long as you have the two red circle thing in the size that you want it to.

Thank you Marcus this script is fantastic. Is there any chance you could extend the script to the Z Intensity setting?

Also, I agree with others regarding focal shift. It’s somewhat hard to change the brush size without at least altering the focal shift a little bit, and in any case I usually prefer to keep the focal shift setting at default.

I like it already.
But I don’t use FocalShift that much. More important is for me the strength of the brush.

i have to agree with that i miss the old way were it always showed the focal shift and size even when the curser was not on the model it helped a lot more when trying to get the right size and focal shift!!

San Marcus,… Thanks!:smiley:

Thanks guys, :slight_smile:

I have updated to include Z Intensity and to work with three separate hotkeys. Delete the earlier version if you want to install this instead.


howdy, very cool but like the others said, its a bit hard with focal shift and i´m not sure if its possible, but a visual feedback would be nice, too.

so another “idea” would be cool if you could make a script for wacom intuos3 tablets to adjust the brushsize via the touch strip.
to do that we need two shortcuts at least, one for bigger brushsize and one for smaller.

Cool,I’ve been waiting for something like this… Although,is it possible to change “U” hotkey to something different? Doesn’t sound very practical to go all the way from “S” to “U” to change the intesnity… Something like “A” or “F” would’ve been great 'cause “Alt” is also often used so moving your hand isn’t very comfortable.

You can already use the [ and ] keys to change brush size (as in Photoshop) so perhaps you can map those to the touch strip?

I’ve used those hotkeys because they are the default ZBrush 3 ones. I agree they may not be the best but conflicts arise with some of the others (for example ‘A’ is used for zsphere preview & HD geometry. It is best to wait for the new Hotkey Editor before messing too much with hotkeys.


Thanks again Marcus,

All works fine now - but I would prefer the “A” key too.


Ralf Stumpf

damn you are fast :smiley:
thx marcus :slight_smile:

Well that was quick. Thanks again Marcus.