DragonBall Fan art challenge!!

Hi guys!
I got the DBZ fever and figured I would organize a Dragon Ball Z fan art challenge on Facebook
The goal is to create a 3D character based on the DBZ franchise, any DB era allowed!! (ball, Z, GT, Movies…)
Since it’s a fan art challenge you can also re-invent a character
To judge this contest Kolby Jukes, Rafael Grassetti and Herbert Lowiswill help me pick the Ultimate Tenkaichi winner :slight_smile:
Final image Requierement :
full 3d character, posed, with colors (textures or polypaint) rendered inside Zbrush to make it easier, but if you want to render it in Maya, XSI, Max, Keyshot etc… you definitely can
Any pornographic/obscene contents will result in disqualification of the contestants
The challenge starts this Monday April 22nd and the final images will have to be posted in the Final Image Album by July 1st
Fight On!
Big Thanks to John Brandão for helping me setting up the page on FB!


Grand Prize :

Second Prize:






Wow its Z time :D;)

Kaaaaaa meeeee haaaaaaaa meeeeeeee haaaa…

Here my WIP on Piccolo


render mesh.jpg

here´s my update

Awesome idea to start this thread Rod! :slight_smile:

Here’s my Piccolo so far…:


Nice, looks like Piccolo got it on with a Drell from Mass Effect :smiley:

Haha, I’m not sure that’s possible since I believe Namekians are asexual, but who knows what could happen!:cool:

well, this is mine :slight_smile:



a bit more for tonight


my Omega Shenron :smiley:

Hi everyone! Thanks for having me and glad to be here! Best of luck to all on your characters! I chose to do Frieza, one of my all time favorite villains!

Just started him today; here is the first hour of sculpting. A lot more to come for my next post! =)


capsule 341.jpg

another update : Bulma´s flying Capsule 341 :slight_smile:

made entirely on Zbrush … for pratice my hard surface modeling with polygroups and dynamesh

awesome initiative badkoala,
did this blockout tonight to get things rolling

Design sketching

Wow, Its very hard to decide!
But I´m definitely going to participate! :+1:

old model

Dynamesh concept sculpt of Frieza, rendered in Keyshot.


As cliche as it seemed I decided enough people would avoid doing goku so i could :smiley:

going very anatomical slighlty stylistic but with good details.

Love DBZ!!

Master Roshi