Donghua's work

Hi Guys , I am Donghua Shi from Shanghai.
I love to apply 3d printing to my creation process.

A poor little monster mini flowerpot .Hope you like it. :)

https://www.shapeways.com/product/ABR6X7F7U/little-monster-60mm?li=search-results-1&optionId=43296254 :wink:






haha that is nice! what material did you get it printed in?

very cute, like the first pic the most where the octopus is looking at the monster, and the monster is like what u looking at.

spaceboy412 ~ thank you man. It’s plastic.
last1o2 ~ thank you :slight_smile:

i meant which plastic from shapeways, cause it looks like white detail not white strong flexible, just curious cause i’d like to use whichever one you used for your print.

Sorry for confuse. yes you are right. Actually, This one I printed in China. It is also SLA technology. The detail of this resin is as good as white detail, but not so transparent, like the white strong flexible.

ah okay, thanks for letting me know, it is a nice material and print, neat idea too!

Thank you ~~

Butterfly Lamp

These photos are about the Butterfly Lamp designed by me recently. Key parts of the work were finished in ZBrush. The method is not difficult. Just copy and combine the elements together. I have introduced some Chinese papercutting into my design of the work.Hope you like it.


I really like your creations. Very nice. The little guy is very cute the lamp is so fantastic original style.

Thanks for sharing…btw. this lamp is huge! What is the size please?

This is so much beautiful! To print it did you have to cut it into halves?
Again, so much beautiful!

Knacki ~ thanks bud . it’s about 20cm
Takai ~ thanks, I cut it into halves to save money. lol

Wow. That lamp is really beautiful. Good job.

Ha! I just saw your plant holder. Awesome:)

Francis Bezooyen ~ thanks bud:D

Figure :slight_smile:

Dear Donghua,

she is really a beauty.
Wonderfully done.

Really nice!:+1:

Knacki~ thanks bud :slight_smile:
digitalmax ~ thank you~

A female practitioner of Yoga 300mm

Female scupture with beautiful details.It can also be used as a table lamp.
hope you like it:)