Donghua's work


~~Thx bud :slight_smile:

There is so much to love about this piece; the design, its function, the spiritual implication.
So much beautiful!


thank you .I am very gald you like it :slight_smile:

My first bronze statues. For the year of monkey. Zbrush——————3D printing——————Bronze.
A complex procedure. Hope you guys like it:D


3D printing pictures~~~~

Great work again. I’d be interested to hear any insights you’d like to give on the process from 3D to Bronze, including the approximate cost.

I really like the Female Yoga Lamp as well BTW. Very beautiful.

Francis Bezooyen~ thank you bud. I am glad you like my wrok.
Some pictures of the bronze process. When the printed model be finished. Copy one of it with wax. Made a sand mould for the wax model~Heating it~the wax gone. Then the 1000℃ hot liquid brass come into the mould. Waiting for the temperature to cool. Break the mold. The bronze sculpture finished~

lovely work!

zszs~~ thank you bud :slight_smile:

yeah…great work! how heavy is it? got any pics of the mold?

skinnybonez~~ Thanks bud. Its about 5 kg. hollow:)