dobbies' sketchbook

Hi everyone,

Since I’m sculpting more often I figured I might start a sketchbook.
Mainly I work in webdesign, but I also love drawing and now zbrush. Check out my portfolio at www.dobson.be

This project consists of a bunch of older models I decided to clean up, repose and texture and bring them all together as a silly scifi tribute in photoshop :slight_smile:
The forground aliens & rocks were created in Zbrush, the rest in 3dsmax and Terragen. (although knowing what I know now I would’ve tried to model everything in zbrush and render them out together)

Hope you like it!


awseome work! realy like the expression of the alien in the middle!

this is really great!

i only have one observation/suggestion. To me, it feels like the cover has two main focal points that are fighting each other for the viewer’s attention, the center robot and the 3 aliens. I think it could help a bit if the flying saucers that focus the red eye on the robot, could have some atmospheric effects fading more…that way it’s not as harsh. i could be completely wrong, but it was my first impression. overall i really like it!

This is really fun! It reminds me of a cross between that old movie "Spaced Invaders’ and that Martian video game for the Xbox … darn, what was that game called?

@pappete: thanks!

@skinnybonez: hmm yeah I see what you mean. I’ll spend some more time on composition next time. Already working on another sculpt so I doubt I’ll ever feel like messing around with that one again :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll keep it in mind! Thanks.

@Crotalis: hehe cheers! I wouldn’t know. I’m a PC gamer myself :wink:

cool stuff the metal looks real
LOL! the green guys are funny. it looks like it can be a game cover:+1:

This one is from last year, but I figure it should be here too.
The large ship and smaller shuttles were created in Zbrush, the terrain in Terragen and the city in 3dsmax. (my first ever complete scene, as you can tell by the poor lighting :p)





nice work:+1:,keepthem coming:+1:

Been a while since I posted here, but here’s a small update :slight_smile:

Rebuilt that bug model a couple of times. Finally got it in the direction I wanted, and am now working on the rest of the scene.


Recruitement graphic. Made this to test using alphas to create geometry. Rather pleased with the results, and it’s going to influence my workflow greatly. (rendered several passes in zbrush and combined & tweaked them in photoshop)


Little cartoony character. Created 4-5 more variations to occupy a larger scene. WIP.


This one was mostly modelled in 3ds max, but I figured I’d trow it in here anyway. Concept & modelling by me, animation & post-production by my brother.
VIDEO ON VIMEO: http://vimeo.com/57406037


its nice to see the flow from the original concept to final piece , it came out very nice…

Thanks Tyrell :slight_smile:

Here’s something more recent. Really had fun making this. It’s a fully functional crossbow design I made that was intended to become a 3D print. Sadly Shapeways (3d printing service) considers it to be a lethal weapon, and the largest you can get is a 10cm version. So I couldn’t get it made :frowning: Perhaps in the future I’ll find a service that will print it for a good price.
Loving the 3D printing plugin!


And here are the 3D printed versions of those medals I made for a Star Citizen fleet recruitement thingie :slight_smile: My first time printing/painting, so I was rather pleased with the results. Printed in high detailed plastic at Shapeways.


Worked a bit more on the rider that’s going to be on the bug I posted earlier. Work in progress.


And here’s something new for the christmas holidays :slight_smile: A nice excuse to do some 3D illustration experiments, and try out the Zbrush to 3dsmax pipeline some more. Everything sculpted in Zbrush, final scene etc rendered in 3ds max (used a renderfarm for the final HR version) and final editing done in Photoshop.
Hope you guys like it, and merry christmas!

Hires version can be found here: http://www.konraddobson.com/3d/santa-card


That’s an excellent concept, and well executed. Nice work! :+1:

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Made a little testrender and added some quick string since it turns out Shapeways won’t print it :frowning:

3D logo design for my Star Citizen fleet squadron. Personal project.

My first attempt at Keyshot. Rather pleased with how it turned out :slight_smile: Lovely tool. Model created in Zbrush, rendering in Keyshot, compositing in Photoshop. Hope you guys like it.


The scene is absolutely amazing! Love the colors an lightning. Model seems to be nice too :slight_smile: Are those flames something default in keyshot? Or please tell me some trick, I am acctually working on a devil character and this scene would be something perfect for it!:slight_smile:

Thanks man :slight_smile: Glad you like it.

Oh that would be awesome if Keyshot had flames and other effects by default :slight_smile:
But no, they were added afterwards in Photoshop. The final render came out of keyshot like this:


Thanks for your answer ! would you mind sharing resources with me via PM please ? :slight_smile: Thanks and keep up doing great job !