Since I love dinosaurs and I love Zbrush
it was just matter of time for this
thread to be born.
Welcome to my
Zbrush Dinosaurs


First in line will be my latest image. It came of of the bench yesterday, it’s still hot and steamy
Interesting thing about this piece is it is remake sort of.
I’ve created two Carnotaur Dinosaurs image 7 years ago and called it “Brothers In Blood”
I wanted to see how far have I advanced by trying to create better image within that context.

It depicts two Carnotaurs and a huge Diplodocidae herd in the distance…
…hope you can enjoy my labor of love





Software used:
3ds Max

Wow! Incredible work! Should make top row.

Labor of love and it shows, terrific all around grats

Simply stunning…beautiful composition and modelling… TOP ROW

Really Brilliant…dinos… Great show!

Here is couple more making of images and one turntable video…





I was looking at your first image, and the first thing I tought was : Where the hell are all these gigantic dinosaurs finding their food in this muddy place?
But the models and the lanscape themselves are excellent, I have no critics!

Great mood! You really are the dynoman :slight_smile: I can’t wait to get home from work to show my son this really great image. He is also true fan of dynosaurs and dragons.

Cheers from Zagreb.


Love the texture and painting work! Composition is very nicely done.

What was your workflow and toolset?

Good God that is awesome!

This is one of the finest images I’ve ever seen on this board, it should DEFINITELY go Top Row, if it hasn’t already.

Fantastic work. You have a unique eye.


It’s a MASTERPIECE!.. any better and they would have steeped out on my desk!

wow these are just fantastic! :smiley:

THese are two mean looking beasties. Love their poses, and the one’s broken horn-ow!


Thanks guys!! Very kind of all of you! So nice to see people all over the globe share more or less same feeling I have towards this image, very rewarding.

Thank you Rick! Love your work, ever inspiring!!!

@Urchinator_hey my blog friend :wink: thx for dropping in.

@MentalFrog_It began in Zbrush by modeling Dinosaurs, detailing and coloring them.
Then exporting everything into 3ds Max. After setting up shaders and light and couple hours of testing and playing I exported renders with alphas into Photoshop.
For the background elements I used over a dozen images from my photo library(I’m an avid photographer) and mixed it all into one wide vista. There is some paint work on clouds and background ground patches, two river streams and the footprints…

@MightyReg_These big guys are probably migrating to some new unexploited places :wink:

loved it. cool stuff buddy!!:+1:

nice modeling!really cool!

fantastic stuff man…

did you work on the recent walking with dinos? that was very enjoyable to watch…

i am a maya user so i dont know how you rendered with the background but is it similiar to maya? using the “background” shader and then projecting the photo on the rendercam?