Digital Clay Pack!

Hey guys, I was having issues accessing the ZBC from my pc so I couldn’t share this earlier… I release a new resource pack to recreate the ‘look and feel’ of real clay within ZBrush (and other rendering software). Link to the resources >>> DIGITAL CLAY PACK


Here is the work of my talented friend Bn Vichar: Clay relief he helped me to test the brushes and raised the bar applying his awessome traditional sculpting skils!!!

The pack comes with 30 custom brushes for ZBrush (created with ZBrush 2020.1.1) that allow you to sculpt clay imperfections in ZBrush as you would with any sculpting brushes (not the usual DragRect alphas).


The pack also comes with a few clay texture sets ready for PBR workflow, so you could use those to further refine the render of the sculpture, here are some closeups to so ‘sculpted planes’ I did while testing the pack (rendered in MT3):

here is the ZBrush render of the sample sculpture I made for this pack:

Here is a quick sketch with Dynamesh (on the left) and the a quick pass with the clay brushes to add imperfections (on the right):


and a high-res close up of the sketch:

I hope you enjoy this new set of resources and let me know what you make with the brushes, I’d love to see it!