Clay relief

Hello Zb friends this is my latest clay relief sculpt by using pablo awesome clay brushes

“A sculptor once said - Ideas Born in Clay. Today I am excited to share with you the stunning brushes Pablo has created, that exactly mimic the feel of clay in digital art. Use it and unveil you creativity”
The DIGITAL CLAY PACK is now available and you can get if from the #ZBrushGuides website! https://buff.ly/2x35zrC - The pack comes with 30 ZBrush brushes to recreate the ‘Look & feel’ of real clay



Very nice Vichar! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing


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Love it Vichar! :clap: Definitely a “clay feel”. Well done.

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Joseph:Thank you very much!! it means a lot to me coming form you!!:pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Jaime sir Thank you very much !!it means a lot to me coming form you !! i am glad you liked the clay feel sir :pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Filoppo: Thank you very much!:pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face:

NilbertoTawata:Thank you very much :pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face:

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Brudva: Thank you very much :pray::pray::pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face::heart:

Prabhat_Majumdar: Thank you very much :pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Great work dude

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PierreBenjamin :Thank you very much :pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Beautiful piece @vichar :hushed:

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KyleJ39: Thank you very much :pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands:

Awesome clay feel sir.! Always your works inspiring to me do more and learn! Waiting for a next masterpiece :ok_hand::blush: