Diary of a VSWIP 2: Raguel (Nudity)

Just chucking in my thanks for the development series here.You guys make the curve straighter for alot of us new to guys.Much apprieciated and what a cool character to demonstarte your methods.Have a great week,cal

Hi people :+1:

Hey Jason, I pretty sure some of you guys know how to squeez every poly, but for me it’s still hard :wink: Besides, I’m intrigued by this method and wanted to give it a try. Later on I would like to try using bump maps to compare. Let’s see what happens :wink:

Hey Calcum, thanks a lot for the kind words! As I’ve said before, it would be great for me if I can help anyone out :wink: So many people in this community have directly or indirectly done so for me, so it’s my pleasure :+1: Have a great weekend my friend

Ok, here’s just an update with the teeth to see how it’s going

ZBrush Document.jpg

Oh! Before I go I just wanted to mention some models I’ve see around here that I recommend seeing -if you haven’t already- :wink:

Threetails’s Fresh Stuff -specially razor- Awesome character
Skycastle’s Rhino Skin -Now that’s some pretty cool detailing!-
Funkyfoe’s Mr Squize -darn good model and final image-

Well, that’s all for now :wink:

May you all have a great weekend :+1:

Looking good so far…keep it up!

One thing you might try is taking a blank texture in the size you are gonna use…and while the head and neck…both sides of your seam are visible…go into pm and roughly sketch where you want your veins.

then you could just load that texture while either piece is visible and sculpt em in…some touch up will be needed I reckon…also note that you will probably destroy the texture so clone it first so you have a fresh one for each piece. Just an idea you might try…surely someone has a better one.

Wasn’t crushing your method, man! Just trying to help you get the most out of your skills. :wink:

Hey Aminuts! Good to see you around :+1: Thanks for the tip, I’ll find some time to try it out -sounds pretty interesting-. Thanks a bunch :wink:

Hey Jason, you’ve become friend and I wouldn’t take any advice from you as a bad thing. Your insights -as well as everybodys- are invaluable for me :+1: I really really appreciate them! So we’re cool buddy. Jump in whenever you want :+1:

Take care everybody :wink:

Hey gang… long time no post :o

I wouldn’t like to revive this thread, but then again, it’s the same model :wink: (told you it was going to be a sloooow process)

Nothing much to say… so I’ll just go for the pretty images :smiley:
This is a comparison between the old model made out of zspheres and the new one after retopology in ZB:


Till next time :+1:




The design and silloutte of this reads very well. It would make a fine next gen game model as well. Looking forward to see where you take this. :slight_smile:


Looking real good fidel that topology really does compliment the design.
Again love those hands!

ok ya had a break…a loooooonnnngg break…now back to work on this guy…i been waiting …a loooooooonnnnggggg time to see where you are gonna go with him…like it so far…now focus! :smiley:

yup don’t blink…months go by eh?

impressive posts in here and a great character concept :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hey Guys!

  • DarthWayne, Thanks a lot for the compliment man! I have to say that my good ol’ buddy Spaceboy412 was the one that introduced me to anatomic poly flow :+1: - I might haven’t made him justice :wink: -

  • Cannedmushrooms! Thanks! You should know… you’re the one (among many) who helped me get over my retopology nightmare :+1: So all kudos to you my computer saby friend :smiley:

  • Aminuts! My good ol’ supportive/conscious/mom-ish friend! yeah, it’s been a while… monster vacations are over… I’m right on it Sr! (no military icon? huh)

  • Remib, Thanks a lot man! Always a delight to hear from new members :+1:

Last time I forgot to mention all the people that helped me with my retopology problems: Spaceboy412, Cannedmushrooms, Rastaman, Plakkie, AngelJ, Slosh, Troy1617 and some names that right now just escapes my memory :+1: (Don’t know them!!! just click their names/links to go to their profile page… very nice people :sunglasses:

If anyone wonders what was my retopology nightmare, well… here it is (Post 496 - 517)

Ok… now to squeeze the hell out of those polys :wink:

Take care and thanks for taking the time :sunglasses:

I strongly recommend anyone learning retopology… it makes a HUGE difference :wink:

haha That’s right mister! It’s been 8 hours…what’s up?..what…you were sleeping? Ha ha you think you get to sleep? :smiley:
Yeah gonna have to talk to Aurick and Ryan about adding those Sgt. Ami Zbnut icons pretty soon I think…specially with all the slackers around here:rolleyes:
yeah right…hey take your time…enjoy …or else;)

HI I come from the Chinese students. I would like to ask. You generally use ZBrush modeling? Maya and not max modeling? Or in ZBrush Lane after construction probably dragged to other software, continue to be built? Or switch over? :slight_smile:

  • Aminuts, Yeah I know, a bit more than 8 hours :wink: But how can anyone sleep when you receive the “or else” ultimatum from Sgt. Aminuts! :smiley:

  • tbagGallagher… First of all, I got to admit it man… original nickname, gross, but original never the less :wink:
    Second, I really know nothing about other 3D softwares, so it’s pretty much ZBrush all along… although I once made a base mesh in XSI and then imported it into ZB but that was just one time.
    Lets say that for now ZB3 is more than enough for me :wink:

Ok, Just so I don’t end up in uncle Aminuts slacker’s list, here are some updates (minors, I know! :p)


So! I’ll see you guys later :+1:
Take care

Don’t mind that thumbnail, it’s the same as one of the images… just can’t delete it :wink:




Hey buddy!!

Great to see this model getting along well. Love the tense musclework. What do you use for reference? The head is strong as well, a real killer! Going slow but keeping at it makes you learn many things, so just keep up the good work. I’ll have to retopo some fingers in a few days/weeks (don’t let Aminuts know! :smiley: ) for the Elfquest odyssee, so I hope I will be as succesful as you.

Take care!

Hey Plakkie! Nice to hear from you man :+1: Thanks for the encouraging words. I mostly use images of anatomy that I’ve found in the we -this one’s very cool!- Also bodybuilder images -like the ones from the Mr. Olympia competition- That’s when “Theory” and “Practice” come in handy :wink:

I really had no major problems with the hands… so for a conosuer of topology like you it shouldn’t be that hard. I know you’ll do great buddy!

Take care :sunglasses:

Hey Guys,

It’s soooo easy to lose track of time!
I’ve been working on the overall of Raguel, so you might not see much difference, but I just didn’t want to wait any longer… so here you have it :wink:


Hope you like it

For some reason I can’t edit the first post for warning purposes





Way too cool, mate.

Insane muscles buddy!! :grimacing:
I’d love to see you finish this. No comments, just huble admiration. :+1: :+1: I love how his eyes and ears are tiny; as if evolution focused on brute force and ignored the rest. :sunglasses:

Really great:+1: :+1:

Yeah I guess you’ll need a nudity warning lol