Diary of a VSWIP 2: Raguel (Nudity)

Hey Guys!

A new year’s about to arrive and even though right now I don’t have as much time as I used to, I thought I’d share a new character: Raguel


As the first Diary I’ll be posting updates and questions… oh yessss… tons of questions

Hope you guys get a kick out of it

Take care

Looks cool, can’t wait to see what else you have in mind :slight_smile:

Haha I look forward to another installment in the infamous
Elarcano VSWIP Diary. Very cool start. Look forward to seeing where ya take him.

Looks like an awesome start, but a question: with those huge talons, how does he pick his nose?, or scratch his back?, or even play with himself?
Looking good so far - I cant wait for the next installment.


Super cool. I also like the color. Can I see a better shot of your cage primitive. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Hey muchachos!

Prospect, Thanks! I have a lot in mind for this tall guy… the thing is to make it happen :roll_eyes:

aminuts, hey buddy! Good to “see” you around… At least I know there will be encouragement :+1:

jit_gohil, Pick his nose: sharp fingers / Scratch his back: very easy with long hands / play with himself: well… there’s always a solution for that :laughing:

AVTPro, the primitve shape actually comes from zspheres but somewhere along the way I made a polymesh from it -bad habit-.
The colors are just to give me a hint of the final colors :wink:
Here’s what you requested:

Death base.jpg

Thanks for the replies my friends :+1:

Thanks for your prompt posting. I really think this is important. I just started with Zpheres this week, and am quite astonished how well they work for cages.

The edge looping is simple and very effective. Glen Southerns has an excellent tutorial for edge looping. What I want to do is use a Zphere workflow for animation models with flow lines.

What I like most about them is edge loops it automatically creates quads. It’s such a relief not to think about them. Only thing drawback that I come across in ZBrush is the selection tool for edge looping is limited. Other than that, it’s helping me to understand using extrudes in Maya to maintain quads. I like roughing out a character then bring it into polymodeler to refine the flowlines.

I have a character with slightly similiar anatomy I started a while back in Maya, but it was one of my first full body edge loops. I overworked it. thanks for the inspiration, maybe I can finish it as is.




He reminds me of a D&D Boneclaw. Those claws are nasty! I like the realism of this model: the musculature looks good, and the claws really look heavy. Great job. About the “playing with himself”, he doesn’t really look like he has something to play with, so when you finish your model, I’d consider giving him some kind of loin cloth to spare him the shame.

For some reason, he looks to me like he should be fighting spider man.

Hey guy!

AVTPro, yeah, zspheres are awesome -a bit tricky though- but with practice you’ll get them right. Jason Belec started a very useful thread called A little challenge…
I recently started to work with edge loops within ZB with my other character Sophia… very cool resource since you can’t really add polygons to a polymesh… and yes, quads are the best :wink:
I’m honored if somehow I helped you to finish your character -that guy looks like fun- :+1:

Rhenderoceros, I’ve never seen Boneclaw before, pretty cool character :+1: The funny thing is that they share the retract and growing claws feature.
I’m really glad you like the anatomy… and yes, he’ll have a skirt -yeah! that should spare him the shame :roll_eyes:-

Bill, don’t worry, this “little angel” will have his share of fights

Thanks guys and have a very happy new year!

Literally… he is an angel :wink:

Awesome character design. One of the more original designs I have seen. Keep it up!!

dmckim, thanks for your very kind comment :+1: I could bore you to death with what I think of originality -like I probably did in the first Diary- So I’ll just stick with the complement :wink:
Thanks again my friend :+1:

I’m on the run right now… so here’s the update (arms)

ZBrush Document1.jpg

Take care

He is looken awesome, love his face , lots O character. Looks cool with the wire on dig the colors. :+1: I think he looks a bid odd from the knee down. Looken forward to updates. :slight_smile:

yea nice work, like the giant hands concept he looks very dominant like that

Hey guys!

Harmonic, good call on the “oddness” from the knee down. I’ll check it out :+1: As for the wires and the colors I just wanted to turn them off to show the real anatomy without any distraction so that the “oddness” can pop up :wink:

YannickLeclerc, thanks buddy :+1: He has to be dominant if he’s the one to straighten up some misdirected angels :wink:

Take care amigos :+1:

Ok, this is gonna be a looong post :roll_eyes:

I’ve been staring at Raguel for hours -and days :confused:- trying to find a method that could help me get this big guy to where I want to. I haven’t advance that much due to the limitations of polygons -yes, the “I need 20 zillion polys” sindrome :roll_eyes: But the thing is that the model is already at 2578432 polys. So another subdiv is not possibility because it would go further the 10 million poly limit that ZB has… not to mention that my PC would melt down :wink: -literally-

Aurick has proposed to split the model into 2 or more pieces the model as a solution to this limitation. The idea behind this is that each part of the original mesh can be subdivided even more allowing you to achieve more details.

These are the steps to split your model according to Aurick:

First make sure that your model has been UV’d. Next, split it by doing the following:

  1. Hide part of the model.

  2. Press Tool>Clone

  3. Press Tool>Geometry>Delete Hidden

  4. Press Tool>Geometry>Crease (to keep the edges from contracting when subdivided)

  5. Press Tool>Morph Target>StoreMT

  6. Divide the mesh and detail

  7. Select the cloned copy in the Tool palette

  8. Invert visibility

  9. Repeat steps 3 through 6

Another thing that someone recommended -I can’t remmember who- was to split the model where the wire shows a division -at the lowest subdiv-

Something like this:

ZBrush Document 1.jpg

I’m writting this process so other can learn something from my mistakes and also to get some feedback on the method.

Thanks for reading :+1:
Take care amigos

(Off the record: I really don’t know what I’m doing but I’m willing to give it a try… although it’s kinda hard to concentrate with all those crows)

Oh God! This is gonna hurt :laughing:


ZBrush Document copy.jpg

Maybe you could retopologize him so that you can express what you already have in fewer polygons?

I am not an expert, but it seems to me that you could express what you have there with much less if the topology matched your vision.

Then you should get more sub-d levels on him to go for the extra detail.

Hey Bill, expert or not I really appreciate the advise The problem is that I can’t go higher because I’m already at a poly limit. If I subdiv it would pass the 10 million limit but thanks anyway buddy!
Well, I’m finally had sometime to work on this guy… and sometime for me is like 8 hours

here’s the head alone -splitted one-

ZBrush Document.jpg

I added a tongue and the inner ear (cavity) by edge loop. I’ve followed all the steps that Aurick pointed out but I wonder if you do any edge loop could or will affect the method? Or if clicking smart resym or resym would too -since that could move some points that were connected to the body? If anyone knows the answer you can jump in, if not I’ll ask Aurick and post is answer here

Take care guys and gals

Deco brush -deformation- and the blur brush are a match made in zheaven!

Looks good. Not sure what you’re asking though? You don’t need any higher levels on this. You should be able to get quite a bit more detail on lower levels if that’s what you’re after. :wink: