Detailing the human skin - Insomnia part 2


another night of insomnia and some more work in the same model ( http://www.pixolator.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=32641&page=1 ).
I added some skin details but I still have work to do. Only his face was detailed till now. I still have the rest of the head and neck to work on.

I have to make a tutorial on how I used my alphas (decobrush and directional brush). For now, you can download it and have some fun. I painted my alphas by hand, inspired by the master Rick ‘monstermaker’ Baker. You can also download the light and clay material. You can use the mouth alphas for another areas to get some interesting results.

-Krisface01.jpgAntro_Skin_Alphas.zip (124 KB)ligh&mat.zip (82 KB)face02.jpgface03.jpg

Beautiful, man! Truly! Thanks for constantly bettering everyone’s technique. :wink:

totally love it!!

I am a new zbrush user and start to modle some heads. Can you give me some tips and suggestions? also how to you cut the eye sockets out that clean?


I really love the lips and their meeting points (I dont’t know the exact word in english), but the overall effect is amazing.

Thanks a lot for such models

ty for sharing your tools

this skin looks wonderful! many thanks for sharing alphas+mat/light! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. About the goodies, you’re more than welcome. We are here to share, right? :wink:

In this particular case, the basic model was created in Maya then imported in ZBrush but you can get a good eye shape using ZBrush only. You just have to start planning everything in the lower resolution always, before going crazy subdividing the mesh and adding details :slight_smile:
You can use the move tool with the minimum size in the lower resolution. This way you can edit your model at vertice level, just like in other packages.


:+1: thx for the alpha’s and materials… im am very curious about the tutorial especially about doing the bigger wrinkle’s folds in forehead, above eyebrows… and around mouth :slight_smile:

Thanks antropus …ur work is been always a inspiration for me…:bulb:

Nice skin details and wrinkles. :+1:
Thanks for the alpha’s and materials

Thanks guys and thanks for the plug :slight_smile:

I thought was better to show the details with a basic shader and no render or lighting. Maybe you can see more details this way:


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As usual you never cease to inspire me. I love the work you’ve done around the eye the eyes’, you could do a whole tutorial on the eye’s alone!! The upper and lower eye regions on your heads are always flawless, it makes me realise how much there is still to learn.


wow… amazing bro.

Nice! Very Nice!
The details are superb.

Thanks alot for the alphas!

i couldnt get a clear explanation…

at first…your model had his eyes closed or sealed…and now…you have a wonderful socket there…

so i wanted to ask…did you just hide the surface and then do the “delete hdden” thingy…or did you do sumthing else…cuz when i try…i almost always delete the back ones too…(i.e. of the neck)

this would be invaluable…

awesoem work…love it!

Great job man. And thanks for the downloads. Keep it up.

thanks for the info and everything else :+1:

Inspirational, my friend, as always…:smiley: I’ve learned so much from studying your work. Thank you for all the works you’ve shared with us here in the forums. I know I’ve become a better sculptor from your skills…:smiley:

Oh, and thanks for the alphas too…:smiley:


Thanks Kris for your advice, very much appreciated and keep up the gupereb work!!


Hi Kris , i`ve always been inspired and admired by your works :slight_smile: ,they are just the best tutorials for me (not just for me ,but for everyone here) so big 1000x man and keep sharing your knowledge with the others here in Zbc :+1: