Detailing the human skin - Insomnia part 2


Yours is some of the best work on this site, and always inspires myself and others. Your tutorials serve to show us that it’s possible with the right technique to produce masterpieces with this wonderful program. With lots of time and dedication, maybe one day we’ll all be able to model to this standard, but then I dread to think what level your skills will be then! :slight_smile:

It’s thanks to people like yourself and Monstermaker that us mere potato modellers can actually believe that we too can model realistic humans. You guys are in a class of your own.

People look at your work with awe and wonder, (and envy!), and it is great that you are willing to share your knowledge.

Keep up the great work and thanks for all your inspiration, tutorials and downloads.


looks very nice so far :wink:
keep going !

thanks for sharing your alphas

Antropus, thanks again for sharing. As has been already stated, your work is always an inspiration. Work flow is important and your showing us the way.

Wow love the detail its crazy stuff!

Great work Antropus!
You cant leave us (fans :slight_smile: ) like this and u have to write some zscript “Making of…” :slight_smile:
It would be great…


Wow! Thanks a lot for the great replies :+1:

I want to make some tutorials for you guys, I just don’t have the free time now. I have at least 4 new ones in my mind, that can probably help a lot of people.

odhinn, JR Gauthier, Shannon Thomas, Strannik, souwanaplay, Dezz, hyper1, esareno,
You are great. Thanks a lot!

you’re welcome my friend.

Dickie and jit_gohil,
what beautiful messages. Thanks a bunch my friends! Monstermaker is the true master here and a great inspiration for me. I hope I can have a little of his skills some day. Till there, I’ll keep on fight :+1:

I will, when I find the time I will :slight_smile:


Spectacular details! Which sdiv level?

Great detailing face, and a very generous contribution.

Thanks Kris

Nice job on that head really look promising

Men I just wanna take the time to say something.

I really respect artist like you, sharing your personal technique really help out!

I’ve decided to do the same, even if i don’t know as much as you I will try contribute to the community!

Thanks for everything men !

Great top row stuff. Keep the great work coming our way!



thanks alot for the alpha brushes…and by the way…unbelievable skills…:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks for the bit’s !!! I kinda hesitated finishing the head I have. Now I have a really good guide! And thanks for the ‘plain’ version. That was the key to many questions I had.

You rock!

Way cool!!!Thanks for sharing these!!!:):):):):slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing Kris!
awesome models, as always :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing ~
thanks for sharing again ~


Thanks again for the material, lights and alphas, it’s just great…
I used them as basis for this guy:

You saved me a couple of hours, that’s for sure!


Very good face !!!

Keep paving the way. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

Thx u Kris for sharing your skills and tools with us:sunglasses: :+1: