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Hello ZBrushers, i was visiting ZBrushcentral almost everyday for the last couple years to get inspiration for my everyday life. Today i created an account just to show my latest work. Hope you may find it interesting. It’s a combination of CNC milling and 3D printing. This work contains both hard surface and organic meshes, which must be machined with different types of machines and combined, because of this nature, it would have been impossible to make it without ZBrush and it’s latest enhancements like boolean operation. No other program does it as sophisticated as ZBrush. Plus zModeler functionality can save times tremendously. At the end of the post, i attached a short making of video, don’t forget to turn on your speaker, because the music in this video is mixed by me and i want you to listen to it :). I don’t know, how to embed video in ZBrush, so i just leave the youtube link. Have a nice day.
ZBrush ScreenGrab01.jpg

Here is a short video demonstrating the making of (don’t forget to wear your headset):










One of the very few games i grew up playing was the old Resident Evil series (1, 2, 3). Nemesis from the RE3 still is my most favorite villain in the entire franchise and i simply had to hunt this beauty (i mean beast) and decorate my house :slight_smile: with it. There are quite a few (newer) versions of Nemesis in late games, but i still like the original, so i heavily relied on that.
ZBrush ScreenGrab.jpg



ZBrush ScreenGrab.jpg

Awesome work! He’s my favorite res villain as well :D.

@Synn Thanks.

Latest works on this giant rock, its name is Taikhar, a tourist attraction of Tsetserleg province in Mongolia. sculpted in Zbrush with subdivisions up to 15 million polygons. Texture was also painted with hand, with heavy use of ZBrushs projection method. Render is done in Maya, i also made a 3D print of it in total height of 12cm. Hope you like the sculpt and texture work.
Photo (Wikipedia).jpg

Render pass demo.jpgBYA_2163.jpgGot from Gru.jpg



This is one of my recent projects. It’s a big Buddha statue in front of an old monastery. Sculpted in ZBrush using reference images and textured again using projection methods. As it is a big statue, it had many small details and i really wanted to capture them with as accurate as possible. Render was made with Arnold in Maya and composited in Photoshop.
Render - ZBrush - sides.jpg
Render - ZBrush - Buddha face.jpg
Render - ZBrush - Plinth detail.jpg
Render - Composite Demo.jpg
Render - Single.jpg

An another render and a photo of a 3D print of the statue.
Render - 3 Buddhas.jpgPhoto.jpg

Latest home project i have been working on the last month. The whole project consists of multiple parts, which must fit together. They will be machined and printed and assembled together. Even a single piece (shown in the last picture) has 10 different parts in order to be able to be CNC machined. Without ZBrush it would have been almost not possible (at least for me). Other programs like Maya have similar union, subtraction etc. functionality, but not as sophisticated as how Zbrush handles it. The modeling was almost entirely done in Zbrush (approach was similar to the method shown in the vidio in the first post). I will post some more progress photos later. Cheers!

ZBrush - Full, screenshot.jpg
ZBrush - Full, Persp - Clay.jpg
ZBrush - Part 03, Persp - Clay.jpg
ZBrush - Part 02, Persp - Clay.jpg
ZBrush - Part 01, Persp - Clay.jpg

Whoa! What a great frame. I love the cnc works!

Thanks mate.

Some metallic renders.
Arnold - Full 01.jpg
Arnold - Part 02.jpg
Arnold - Part 01.jpg
Arnold - Part 03.jpg
Arnold - Part 04.jpg

The painted parts are assembled. As you can see in the last photo, the center is not only a mirror, it turns into a portal, when the light is turned on :).
Painted - BYA_2243.jpg
Painted - BYA_2241.jpg
Painted - BYA_2240.jpg
painted - closeup - BYA_2244.jpg
Portal - BYA_2255.jpg

painted - closeup - BYA_2245.jpg

Some more progress photos of the project.
raw - IMG_20180411_115358.jpg
raw - IMG_20180513_143335.jpg
This piece is machined with the simple 3 axis CNC carving both sides of the wood.
raw - IMG_20180506_125009.jpg

This is awesome; incredible work on the mirror. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks bro.

Some more photos.
raw - BYA_2213.jpg
raw - BYA_2203.jpg
raw - BYA_2194.jpg

wow, stunning work!

Beautiful work!

I bet you have a LOT of time in modelling and machining.

@edu simon:
Thanks mate.
You say it friend, it was a lot of work and sleepless nights. :slight_smile: