darxx's sketchbook

Hey guys, new sketchbook. C&C always welcome and appreciated.

Thanks, Eric


dragon greencomp.jpg

ZBrush Document.jpg







a creature idea. would love some opinions :slight_smile: moleCreature_18.jpg

Hey man,

Nice sculpts!
I love the Dragon and the Ring.

I would love to see some of your workflow on the ring… I’ve been wanting to do some jewelry sculpts, but they never come out like I intended.

Keep it real,

hey corey sorry been so long, i intended to reply with a video, but totally forgot to get to it, I think I’ll do another ring today with some maya basemeshing and some zbrush timelapsing. :stuck_out_tongue:

but for now, here’s a quick hand study.


here’s a quick video of what i do in maya to create basemeshes.
as you can see i was trying to make sure all the quads were even in this step in preparation for sculpting.


and here’s the timelapse in zbrush.


if anyone wants videos on how to prepare the model for 3d printing i can do one of those in detail

a project I was working on for a “client” (girlfriend’s sister).

turns out the sister and her boyfriend broke up before the project could be completed so… abandoned.

if anyone wants videos on how to prepare the model for 3d printing i can do one of those in detail

Always appreciated I’m sure.

Nice looking rings, too bad you didn’t get to cast them.

The rings looking good, but the background needs more contrast to the rings.

Best regards

Hey man,

Thank you so much for posting some videos on the ring workflow, really cool/informative stuff!

You mentioned 3D printing… I’ve actually been interested in getting a 3D printer for a while now, just for hobby, so I can print out some of my random sculptures.

May I ask, what 3D printer do you use?
What are its capabilities? (how small/intricate can you get with it? how large can you get with it? etc)
Would love to see some video footage of it in action, the setup in zbrush, or even some pics of the end result.

Thanks again!
ps, made anything new with those brushes I developed? HA

well… to answer your question Corey, I’m gonna have to give a pretty long winded explanation and for that I apologise.

There are 2 kinds of plastic printers (that I’m aware of at this point) one prints in melted layers of plastic with a heated head, and although it works and it’s available as a desktop printer… It still costs like $1700 (on amazon-there may be better prices elsewhere).

The other kind that I use because the end result is much more detailed and much more accurate is a HHHUUUUUUUUGGGEEEE machine that I imagine costs well over $50000. Printing companies use these, since they work on this stuff all the time, and with enough business they can allow you to print for reasonable prices that include only a reasonable markup above the price of the material (shapeways.com does this).

Shapeways allows you to pay only for the material that you use in the print but include a start up fee because they UPS your print to you for “free”.

But the process of these huge printers is they they print layers of the material - .1mm thick layers of the material in dust form - and then when that process is completed, the dust is blown out very carefully, and then your print is heated slightly to solidify the dust.

If I were you I would try to use a print company because the results are really stunning, and unfortunately desktop 3d printer technology is not that great yet.

But I do have hope for the future regarding desktop 3d printers becoming much more affordable to the public.

I’m gonna do some 3d print related tutorials, because it really does seem that alot of people are interested in that, and I would love to help people get the best prices and results out of companies like shapeways.

Here’s a video of the shapeways white strong and flexible material process and their equipment.


Edit: and yes corey I use your organic buildup brush almost everyday! :wink:

Maya ring basemesh modelling tutorial. Requested by chaman. Hope this helps. I apologise for the hiss in the audio, and low sound volume. my mic sucks.


and as I was saying before my recording software cut me off, if you have any questions or requests, please feel free to ask.

Thanks a lot Darxx´s. I enjoyed the video so much and start to understand some new things. thanks another time

quick dinosaur bust (by quick i mean 2.5ish hours)ZBrush Documentcomp a little.jpg

Some very interesting stuff, I will folow this thread!:+1:

thanks! just subscribed to your tmnt thread as well. good stuff in there :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll post some progress soon!

quick update 08-Jan-12 5-03-09 PM.jpg

another small update 08-Jan-12 11-21-10 PM.jpg

AWesome, I like !! I’m just wondering if thats a real species of dino or a made one?