Darrick Pister's Zbrush Thread

Hello all fellow Zbrushers!

I have noticed that a lot of you just have one thread dedicated to your zbrush masterpieces. So I have decided to follow suit and have all my zbrush sculptures in on thread. I may put some in here that have been posted before but I will ttell if they have or haven’t. Thanks for looking and critiques are always welcome.

Here is my most recent model in Z3. 100 % Z3… I love saying that;)

I sculpted himout of zspheres, re-topologied him and scuplted a little more.

nice, what method did you choose to do the repose of the modal?

Majestic like!:+1:

Nice! new topology looks good.

I used the masking of the model and used the tranposing tool. I haven’t messed with the rigging features of Z3 yet… would you recommend them?

calum5ZB & Harmonic- Thanks for the comments!

Nice !!!

Cool Sculpt !!

that is really really cool

awesome job

RanZ Cross & kcyakiyaki-

Thank you both for the comments.

I had a lot of my family wanting to see what i have been up to, so i decided to put up a wiP of my current project. Original is by Antonio Canova 1817-19 ish. 100% zbrush 3. When I finish I will post my process from zspheres to final. All comments and critiques are always welcome.

go darrickpister go darrickpister :smiley:

that looks exceptionally wonderful
what a pose

peace Joep

Wow, these are top-row sculpts…amazing …

Very beautiful! Great to have you aboard! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Love the horse. Love the models and the pose. Nice to see work with flow and motion. :wink:

Beautiful! I should like to be in the middle :rolleyes:

Joep, SolidSnakexxx, Plakkie, Jason Belec, and Bas Mazur:

Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate them all.

this is an update/ material experiment. I started learning mat-cap materials and thought you all would like to try this material out. The material is attached to as a zip file. Let me know what you think of it.

This is an other model for my demo reel. It is a bust of Ingrid Bergman… All comments and critiques are very much appreciated!