Danko75 sketchbook 2.0 (free skeleton model page 1)

I restart my thread 'cause think that the old one got buried by dust of centuries:lol: .
This is my last work in progress, nothing original, an anatomical study almost all done in zb (except fo a couple of base meshes made in xsi), skeleton built bone by bone. now think i will refine some parts that need more subdivision and then will move on to the muscle system
C&C always welcome 01.jpg02.jpg03.jpg04.jpg05.jpg06.jpg

Wow - what a lot of work! Excellent!

Nice one, I like the detail that you put on all those bones!

I have a suggestion, probably latter after you put more resolution on the model you can attach a .zip file that we can download for a reference, detal in each body part. Cus its kinda hard to find a hi-res skeleton references in google…if you dont mind ofcourse :slight_smile:

Looking forward for your muscle system!


Gotta’ love them bones! Looking forward to the progress! :+1: !

Get’s a big Keanu Reeves “whoa” from me :slight_smile:

Thx to everybody for the kind words,soon i’ll share the link to the non detailed version (16meg :P), i plan to sell the final one at a very (very very) reasonable price once finished even the muscle system :wink:

Lol…I see the amount of work you put in there, not worth it if its just to give it out free…what am I thinking about :lol:

Well good luck dude~ :slight_smile:
Waiting for the next updates from you!


@Revel: don’t worry mate, and thx for showing interest on my humble work…btw i put the work done so far for downloading on the zbush italian comunity portal, even though not hyperdetailed in every part i hope it can serve as a good reference to look at bones’ anatomy
just click on the link on the second message the word “Qui”
and for those not familiar with italian language (this could bring some problem in the registration process) a mirror link
Hope somebody find it useful, feel free to contact me for C&C:D

Looking very good :+1:
Thanks for the file, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:
Doing a skeleton my self at the moment, but I wont steel anything I promise!

Grande Dankooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! :smiley:

thank you for the great skeleton model!
Maybe you should add a picture that appears in the bottom
row so more people would get aware of it.

well i made it, but with the rate with which images are added it soon disappeared :lol:
btw i repost an image hoping that people interested will find again the link


so much work, looks great.

thanks to everybody for the kind words, i post a little wip i made for a workshop held in Milan, inspired by the great models made by all the people that took part to the www.zbrushcentral.it italian comunity sculpting contest i tried to make my own version of guyver, imho a great anime character


AWESOME!!! I f***ing love the guyver. nice sculpt:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Another Guyver lover here. This is a very nice rendition. Great work!

Wow. So cool. I love that you have him opening up his mega smasher too. Killer sculpt and you beat me to it. I was just thinking of doing my own guyver sculpt. Love your version.

Hi Danko!
I think that you have done a very good work on the sculpting of Guyver.
The characters is awesome whit his mixture of organic and armour and you get it beautifully.
My only crit is on the pose that on my opinion does not do justice to the character.

I will never stop to thank you for sharing your skeleton model… so Thank you :slight_smile:

here is another wip i’m working on during freetime, freely inspired to the “Jojo’s bizarre adventures” character of the World…MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!:lol: dawarudo.jpg



Love the stylized Dio Brando’s Stand! Looking forward for more!