Daniorrr's sketchbook!

Hey guys! First time posting here!
heres a couple of screens of my latest project, original concept by the amazing Remi Salmon! http://www.remisalmon.com


remi salmon.jpg

simply amazing! render it with textures please!

WoW! Good work :+1: Do you want work on textures and colors ?
Really awesome. i like them

love your sculpt…very great work… well done.

Really, really nice stuff!

Simply amazing. That cloth work on the girls’ dress… !

good job!


This is great! You should have it 3D printed!

Fantastic creation! :slight_smile: Love the final image effect and the models are so full of character and charm! love it!

You nailed the facial expressions :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: I never thought I’d grow tired of the monsters and creatures, but I have and it’s nice to see something else.

amazing work…keep it up… but i think u forgot to put buttons on the sofa… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink:

I Love it’s flow, weight and balance.

Keep it up.


thank you guys! this is such a great honour!
i do have this piece textured, but i am still tweaking it :stuck_out_tongue:
will update more when its all done!

swajith - oh man i totally forgot them! haha thanks for reminding me!

great pic :smiley:

WOWWWW. Can’t wait to see it in colour.

Love the render style on this.

Very good, man. I Love its work.


Nice work!