Dance the Dream

Hi guys, I’m Joey from lucasfilm feature. Long time no post since last year! And this is my last personal work, the digital copy of Richard MacDonald’s Dance the Dream using DynaMesh. At the beginning I was just want try the new function., and I was sculpted form a sphere using the Dynamesh and basic brushes. then I realized maybe I can do something interesting. So I did the background and render it in maya mental ray.
I know Richard MacDonald’s masterpiece is far better than this copy, and also I couldn’t find too many high res reference images about the sculpture. So it might be different.

Any critiques are welcomed and appreciated.
I made the two alpha and the Fingerprints.jpg I download from website.
I believe that you guys can do much better than me. thx everyone!









Wow thank you so much for sharing this amazing work!:+1:
Totally love it, great composition aswell! Love the gesture of the girls!:+1:
This really is a masterpiece, really a big inspiration for me!
Looking forward seeing more from you!
All the best and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny:):+1:

Very, very nice. My only crit would be that maybe specular is a bit too high on the statue. Other than that, it’s gorgeous.:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

excuse me, do you know how to put the image to the thread?
I guess I forgot how to do it , thank you!

Top row!! very beautiful model and concept:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Use Firefox to post your images. It will post the whole image and not just a thumbnail.

under attachments, there is a upload image or file, click that and something would pop up for you.
anyway, top top job you did there. simply beautiful.

How to post images on ZBrush Central

thanks~~! I go through it:):smiley:

Wonderful post. Thank you. :+1:
A toprow stuff, right?

Absolutely Top Row material!

Really beautiful work!

Amazing! I love that:grimacing:
I’m curious How many polys are there?

Beautiful sculpture to work from, and an Amazing job done with it…Outstanding…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)


wow !
very good

My jaw hit the floor. Incredible work. Love it.

It looks great. I work in the San Francisco gallery that represents Richard MacDonald. Your work definitely comes very close to looking like the real thing.
I just looked through my stash of photos, and it looks like you’ve combined Dance the Dream with Red Dress into your own composition. That’s a cool way to make it your own while still being a truthful study.

As far as constructive criticism, your render’s patina is much greener than MacDonald usually uses these days. In the older Mime works he had a lot of green patinas, but things these days usually stay well in the reddish brown territory, especially on these Joie de Vivre series. They look very clay-like. People who come into the gallery often are surprised they are bronze because of how natural looking his patinas are. Looking again, It may not even be your patinas but the green tint on the wall behind the images that’s throwing it off for me. If you look at the photos that he turns out as sales material, he gets a lot of milage out of a fairly neutral gray or again, red brown tones.

Very nice work.

An excellent piece of sculpture! Very classical looking. :+1:

it’s really an impossible mission for me,from a sphere
Perfect job bro,top row for sure:)

impressive :+1: