Dance the Dream

impressive!Top Row stuff :>

beautiful work man. the model, pose and final image

I love the image :laughing:small_orange_diamond:laughing:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I think this deserves a top raw!
It’s an honor working with you Joey!

this work is for who?:wink:

Love it! :+1:

I think your texturing and lighting has improved a lot from your last piece.
My only crit is the expression on the girl on the left could have been pushed a little further :wink:

Top row!
(Where’s my Vita?)

Thanks Mau!:wink: I appreciated.

thanks man! I couldn’t found any big size reference for that girl. You are right, it is little bit too much.by the way, where is my PS VITA? haha:laughing:

thanks my bro!

Hi ZanFan,

Congrats to this beautiful work! I really enjoy keep observing the details and the way you feel and build up the primary and secondary shapes and how you create the finished surface. Absolutely stunning! :+1:


nice work!

Top row material!
Very well done! :+1:

thank you very much! looking forward to see your art work !

This is just amazing!

Perfect job bro,top row for sure!beautiful work man! ***32473;***21147;***65281;:lol:

Classic Piece… :slight_smile:

thanks guys! and there are some details about the art work and also a lighting test for the platform.:wink:
For the ploy amount, because this model I started from sphere and it is totally unsym. when it came to 8 million ploys, I still couldn’t put enough detail to it. Then I used a very tricky way to do it. I use decimation plugin to reduce poly amount to 2 million, and then subdivide it again to put the details. Finally each girl is about 8 million polys.
simply because I don’t need any UV for the highest model. For this status it is works:)





Hello, I already answer your question in page 3, thank you

thank you for your advice! I envy you so much, because I didn’t have chance to see his masterpiece. Even through I don’t have enough high res reference images. So I used other marble statue as colour and shading example. If I have big size images , I can do much better I guess.
Thank you again!

Gorgeous supple work:+1: