Hope you re all doing ok.

I ve started working on a new project based on Keith Thompsons concept for a robot: Dajjal
This is something i had tried to start a year ago but unfortunatelly i didnt know how to do it. lol
So after a lot of training here i am going for it again.
Not sure if i can upload a picture of the concept so i ve attached a link to the artists website. He is awsome.
I ve started working on the head. I dont even want to think how many subtools this piece will have.

Not sure how or if i m going to make the inside of the head visible, but i really wanted to do this anyway.





I cant wait to see this one!

Woah! Great start! this is going to be amazing! really great concept you’ve chosen, gonna be bad ass in 3d :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:


So today i ve mostly been making insert brushes and little tools that i ll be using for this. Daaaaayyyyyyyyym there are a lot of itsy bitsy parts.

I made a couple of changes i changed the ornament in the front of the head because the original one was just not working for me and i couldnt sleep all night.
I ve also been playing with render settings and materials. This tutorial is pretty awsome. Just saying.
I ve made a few materials, I can upload them if anyone is interested, but only after i finish this :confused:

the wait is killing me!

This looks fantastic so far

okaaay so i ve left this for three weeks but now i m back. i think.

some people have asked me where i find my alphas so i have the perfect source where you can buy for a very low price, about one gazillion alphas, photoshop brushes, and stuff like that. i m not sure if i m allowed to post a link so could someone tell me if its ok to post a link to aother “commercial” website or not, i would really appreciate it.

i also wanted to say a big thanks to the pixologic guys who decided to include my work in their turntables gallery, i was really flattered.

back to this now.

malea when i got the email about your reply at the thread out of the blue i was like “what the, who even found this to post a reply lol” but thanks a lot it was really sweet.

so i started working on it again yesterday, havent done that much, but i ve made the left arm.i m following the concept more or less, but every now and again i add my personal touch.
some views of the arm


and the effect i m going for with textures, shaders etc.

oh my god…
Three weeks was it?
VERY MUCH worth the wait!
This is amazing already.
Your last one deserves being in the gallery and I think the top row as well.

Linking to other sites is allowed as far as I know, people do it all the time.

Its great to see you back at it!
I can’t wait to see what you do next.


maelea you should send me a message every morning to make my day

so most of my alphas i ve found from stockgraphicdesigns dot com
they have a huge collection of decorative patterns and stuff like that
i also wanted to show an update on the arm i ve added some cogs, hoses, cords and mechanisms
everything i do is retopologised and so far i havent used many polys
i think a spider with legs like those would be kinda cool

Amazing work, and i love the textures

thanks for the nice comments
small update as i m working on the right arm

Coming along beautifully once again! I’d really like to see a tut on your workflow if you ever feel like putting one together :stuck_out_tongue:
I must check out the artist that you get your concepts from, there’s some crazy awesome designs! and you sir do them outstanding justice! keep it up :slight_smile:

a tutorial? sure i can make a tutorial if people are interested.
my workflow is always the same organic or hard-surface. Sphere and dynamesh to get the basic shape, retopologise, polygroups, crease/uncrease, subdivide and sculpt.

for this one i m using a lot of insert brushes. i ve made one custom brush that i call insert mechanical parts, and another one that i call insert deco parts.
so all the little bits and pieces even fingers, and literally about everything, i ve sculpted separately and just insert them wherever i want, and most importantly as many times as i want.
these are all from a multi insert brush:

btw does anyone know if i can delete one of the insert tools from a multi insert brush? its not that important but i have one or two that i dont need and i was wondering if i could remove them.

sammeh you were asking me about my lphas, hope you saw the link to the hooooooooooooge alphas collection , those are the ones i mainly use now.
i ll post the right hand later, i think i m finishing soon.



Baroque-Punk! awesome stuff.

This is looking really awesome, that hand and gesture is just amazing. Love it!

magbhitu thank you. i would just say ba-rock :wink:
i m in my late 20s i m too old for punk

kurt thank you that means a lot coming from you

just an update on the right arm, not finished yet, there are a few bits and pieces left to add, might finish it tomorrow.

I also wanted to say, that my mom and dad google and search for my posts and then they translate them and read them and when someone makes a nice comment they text me to say go online and check out what that guy wrote. do i have he coolest parents or whaaaaa?

Just awesome:cool:

Great texture and material.
Did you say a tutorial will come?

Love the flow and shapes, great look and nice texturing. Sort of an advanced robot done in a renaissance style?

Very cool and inspiring, I think I need to go spend some more time using the mesh insert brush. Keep it coming!

awesome work!very great.love the style.and yes.your parents are nice too :slight_smile: