Crits n Grits - the starts of a gallery...hopefully

Firstly apologies to anyone who might have seen these already, but kept failing dismally to get anything other than thumbnails in my posts. (could have sworn there was something about using culty brackets when using firefox)

Anywho, just starting out with ZBrush, been at it (properly) for a week and a bit & can’t believe how productive it’s making me…
If I’d known that randomly made-up models would end up looking so good, I wouldn’t have spent so many years trying to plan things out! :smiley:

So many amazing artists here, I’d welcome any advice I can get…

my first foray into zbrush, manipulating the demo head <!--[attach=151671]Codger.jpg[/attach]--> my 2nd, messing with a polymesh sphere and some crude colouring (really haven't got the hang of that yet, but hope to find a good tute on that soon) <!--[attach=151672]ZBrush Document 2.jpg[/attach]--> Playing with the wonderful 2.5d sculpt tools, never expected it to be so fluid or so much fun!!! 'nGenes' - playthings from my laboratory, ready to release into the water supply <!--[attach=151637]nGene2.jpg[/attach]--> <!--[attach=151638]Lightward.jpg[/attach]--> my first attempt at zsphere modelling, still a WIP of a random and somewhat weird 3 legged hammerhead alien (reminds me of that MIB critter now I look at it, but I'll work it some more to pull it out from that) <!--[attach=151670]Hammerhead.jpg[/attach]--> found that where there are big spheres I get much less poly desity?

Hoping that retop’ing will redistribute so that I don’t waste more polies on all the smaller, already detailed extremities. Especially as I don’t have enough ram to go higher than the 4 million polies I’m already at!
Am just starting to detail it up, using more of the tools … loving the process.

Finally another ‘nGene’ experiment, this one is heavy with eggs though, so I expect it’ll drop some more weird critters sometime soon
‘There’s No I in Gene’

very nice experiment! A lot of nice detail!

The demo head modifications look great. A real human likeness.

Well done and keep up the great work.


Juan, Paul, thanks for stopping by… much appreciated!

Juan, some great pieces in your gallery
Paul, looked for a gallery but didn’t find one…hope to see your works soon
George, Ringo, you guys should have stopped by as well :slight_smile:

nGene pollen motes adrift upon a methyl-hydrate sea

Not long as single cell, they move, consume the weak Caught in frond and follicle, seeds will coallesce In time, to aggregate, beyond to irridesce

Like I said before: beautiful compositions! The old man head sculpts great too!
btw: I really love the PaintStop doodle (nude female) you posted in the announcement thread! You should include it in this thread, and maybe make some more cause I love the style! :+1:

Didn’t plan to get so detailed with it, only wanted to try out Paintstop again.
Don’t know what it is about zbrush kit, but all my pix turn out ok when I haven’t even planned anything.
If you could bottle it, I’d wear it as an aftershave … Pixologic! for Men

Cool start

You mentioned poly count on your models - if you are doing the detail for illustration work (not animation or gaming) look into HD Geomertry

Just farting about really, going through tutorials and getting a feel for workflow for now, hadn’t planned to do anything with the model.
Not a major problem anyway as I’ve found ‘edge loops’

Thanks for the advise :slight_smile:

The Satyr drawing it beautiful! Kudos, looking forward to the next! :+1:!

More tutorials today, learned about subtools, creases (thank god), and transpose master… very cool

another WIP (guess I’ll finish one of these if i ever I get thru the tuts)
Ran out of ram again :frowning:
Have tried hiding chunks of mesh in order to continue work, but you get to a stage when you want/need to see everything together.
May finish the horns, depending on what i deduce about best workflow

![ZBrush Document.jpg|1087x894](upload://3cY0TSVw6mbtbhjNvOo1UVZQjvt.jpeg)

Learned about the lazy mouse and the repeat stroke… bloomin marvelous!!!
If only we had a straight line tool???!!!
Maybe for 3.5 or 4…

Finally seeing a bit of the precision in my own work that is so evident in much of the greatest work here. Still, once I finish all the tutorials I've got to get through, I'll start importing mechanical stuff in from Max which is where I was schooled :) <!--[attach=153956]Greys (small).jpg[/attach]-->![Greys (small).jpg|920x856](upload://qYOjTiY4AIzQ9VeY3mMg1gL8R16.jpeg)![Greys (small).jpg|1100x684](upload://tO5jaZYHrUXnySjbV4c8VcAOoft.jpeg)


Greys (small).jpg

Another WIP, working through more tutorials… very enamoured with the effects I’m getting using weird stencils in conjunction with the variety brushes.
Just enamoured with zbrush really… haven’t been so excited about getting back to creating pieces in a long time!!!
…still farting about, but trying to be more controlled.
A very traditional design, but then I feel like I have to pay my dues before I start the more challenging business of my own weird designs.

![No Tongues.jpg|863x842](upload://m0m5qYoSP5Fkw8lAqRd4Zj7ZYmk.jpeg)

Looks like a fun sculpt. Why is the title ‘No Tongues’? Keep it up! :+1:

Great stuff, I would love to see the smoking tree guy sculpted in 3d.

Great progress! :+1: !

Thanks for stopping by guys:

bLawless; Would you kiss him? :) Si; thanks for popping by dude, will be watching out for more :) Etcher; thanks man, very grateful you always pop by. I see you everywhere offering encouragement and sharing knowledge... you're a star. Here's another 2.5 doodle. A friend recorded a documentary on one of my fave artists, Jean 'Moebius' Giraud. Brought back so many memories...

‘Giraud-Williams Space’
Giraud-Williams Space.jpg

Shouldn’t do tuts before going to bed, because I don’t…go to bed, that is!
Another 2.5d doodle - still feeling a little Moebius vibe - forcing a fusion of 2d and 2.5d and being bolder with the colour… (and a little post in PS)


Oh man that is really wild! I do get a Moebius vibe in the last piece that you posted as well and I like it allot.

great stuff. love the ‘Giraud-Williams Space’:+1: