i like the skin

She’s looking real cute Genrik :slight_smile: you stand a good chance in this comp I’d say! :slight_smile: whats the prize? lol

She’s looking really dump and sexy. A dump sexy Mandy I would say. :smiley:

Tnx for the comments :slight_smile: and i don´t call her dump… maybe shy any way one of my reference was “penny” from big bang theory! :slight_smile:

hoo by the way there is no price $$$ … only one print of Serge Birault and a lot of promotion and believeme hi has a lot of eyes looking at his work, when Serge say “promotion your work” he mean it ! :slight_smile:

Judicious use of “inflate”… :wink:


Compairint to google she doesn’t look a bit like Penny at all.

Her proportions just giving the picture of a dump mandy :smiley:
Though I like the render very much. But when you aimed for Penny. you guys exaggerated the completely wrong proportions.

was the face mesh given btw? Or did one guy start with that kind of sculp and everyone else copied it?
This picture looks more like the task: express blonde busty and stupid :smiley:

To get more into Pnny’s direction. yu should make the lips way smaler. Also stay closer to Pennies original eye form.

Im really looking forward to see the result of the copycat contest!

ok im not a drama queen but i feel little bad with the comment: “express blonde busty and stupid”. any way i guess i didn´t expres my self right when i say i use Penny as a reference… well i did use a picture of penny
but not to “copy” or mimic her 100% exactly, just to try to capture the escence of the clasical dump female blond character ( im not so good at english bud i prefer the dump word and not stupid) :slight_smile:
and yeah this is kind of copycat contest but the given task was tray to make the closest posible 3D version of a 2D sketch from a Serge Birault (papaninja). So thats why everybody else is doing almost the same thing
but… ok i guees not everybody in the world would like to do a contest where all have to mimic something exactly…

but any way MaxPeterson tnx for your comments… there is always and everywere something to learn when you have the actitude to learn :slight_smile: so please keep commentin becouse it is so sad to see a thread just with pictures :wink:

from those copies i have seen, this one is truely one of the good ones.

But don’t d th hair with fibre mesh. she looks like a plastic doll so you should model the hairs. otherwise the mixup is too strong.

try like the others to model the nipples from the tentacle as one solid mesh (complete tentacle) and try to gather sth noone before did, try to ada suc keffect on the nipples of the tentacle wherever they touch her body.

Never the less, I would change her lips anyways, lips with such a stron M-form look way too exaggerated. make the M-form a bit flatter.

I see Serge Birault is a tentacle fetishist :smiley:


a quick bpr + ps compo… just to see how is going on… to much specular and no sss :frowning: , i need to practice the render part from zbrush… this is a wip. planning to do all the body + action pose. DRAGONBALL RULES!!!


This time I used a Sayayin MIX technick of polipainting and rendering from Scott Spencer + Ryan Kingslien + Cesar Dacol jr… it looks much bether :slight_smile:

I agree, it does look much better.


This a quick test render made in Vray (max), it is the first time i use a render engine outside Zbrush and I love it!:slight_smile:

Looking good man.

For the BPR Id suggest AO - drop the Blur to 1 and use it on the composite on Multiply for ‘Picoro’, a Rim light pass might make it pop a bit too, just stick a nice almost black material on it and put the light at the back to give a nice Rim the in the composite put the layer to Lighten Colour maybe. Im sure you probably worked it out yourself now but the teeth probably should have been individual objects that close up.

Great stuff.

Ecirche_FInal_A.JPGEcirche_FInal_B.JPGFacial_Wip02_Closeup.jpgFinal_Ecorche_01_closeup.jpg Human-Male-European-Skull_ZB.jpgHuman-Male-Australian-Aboriginal-Skul_ZBl.jpgNaviskull.jpg geting serious aboth studing anatomy :slight_smile:

nice skull studies man! anatomy is the real key!!!

tnx for comment! yes anatomy is the most important thing in character design


Work in progress

Cool idea. I think you’re onto something. Mecha dog. Would be pretty neat to start a thread of Mecha Dogs - only the default ZB dog model can be used, and folks just rock the hard surface
tools on it. A whole thread of armored and robotic canines…